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Between Cakes of Token Palliatives and Bitter Pills of Reform  Reflection on Citizens Expectations, Difficult Policy Options, Reform Frustrations and Change Mitigation. By Abdulwarees Solanke

We are even talking about a citizenry that may be ignorant or is not even concerned about its own future but just the needs of the moment, a citizenry that is incapable of appreciating the costs and sacrifices that must be made to meet those needs,... Details



Interrogating Public Policy and Reform Projects Failure in Our Polity. By Abdulwaree Solanke

The question then is why would a government embark on a policy or project it is ill-prepared to deliver on? Why would any government invest so much resources on a programme or project only to stop in the midway of implementation? Some reasons that I often find analysts cite for such tragedy of development is lack of political will on the part of the government, public apathy and resistance or imperviousness to change. Details


Achebe- His Spirit Lives Tribute to Professor Chinua Achebe. By Hon. Oseloka H. Obaze

In gathering here today to honour Achebe, we honour his humanism, enduring literary and storytelling legacies; and his prophetic enunciations. We remember him; we celebrate him; and we express our collective appreciation for the worthy legacy he bequeathed. We know also that his elucidations will, in perpetuity add to the edification of our humanity. Details


X-Raying Policy Somersault And Reform Failure In Developing Countries: Challenges Of Strategic Communication. By Abdulwarees Solanke

There has been so much talk about public policy failure or lack of sustainability of development and reform programs and projects in many developing countries especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, a dilemma which of cause needs to be clinically interrogated for us to understand the dynamics of policy process in these countries and perhaps appreciate their constraints of public management. Details


Imperatives of A Sagacious Government. By Abdulwarees Solanke

A sagacious government is one which depoliticizes the distribution of dividends of democracy in ownership of the country as one constituency. Altruistically, it pursues non-discriminatory policies which safeguard the interests of all. Such approach contain the prospects of weakening opposition, while promoting national cohesion or unity. Details


Knowledge Vs. Ignorance. By Umar Bello, PhD

The ignorant one is brash and cocksure as he doesn't see his ignorance. The truly knowledgeable one, on the other hand, has metacognition that makes him wary, circumspect and measured knowing that he doesn't know anything more than an atomic, infinitesimal speck. Details


Climate Change: Africa’s Absence in the Energy Transition Framework. By Kola Ibrahim

The current global approach to fighting climate change and systematically transitioning to clean energy will leave Africa in the cold. While Africa’s participation in the research and development of climate adaptation is very negligible, its role in the climate mitigation technology and development is also controlled by external forces. Details


First Federal Executive Council Retreat Under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu: Matters Arising. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

Nigeria is at a critical juncture. The way that the Tinubu administration will address the challenges facing the country will determine the development trajectory of the country. The challenges facing the country are known. What needs to be done is known. We expect and hope that the Tinubu administration will address the challenges and change the narrative of our country and produce a just, peaceful and prosperous country. Details


Africa in the Global Climate Change Politics. By Kola Ibrahim 

While African leaders and governments’ representatives participate in global forums and even host summits on global policymaking on climate change, the reality is that this is more of a diplomatic niceties than any serious engagement or involvement in global policymaking on climate change. More than this, Africa has little scientific, technological, and economic capacity to change Details


One Week In The United Kingdom-Order, System And Sanction: Lessons For Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor, PhdD

For Nigeria to develop, there is need for order, system and sanction. There is need for order on our roads. Motorists and pedestrians must know the traffic rules. People should know who has the right of way at junctions. There is the need for road discipline. A system must be put in place to sanction anyone who breaches traffic rules. The identity and addresses of all residents in Nigeria must be known and linked to their telephone, vehicles, bank accounts and properties. Details


General Gowon: A Rare breed. By Tochukwu Ezukanma

Quite naturally, the Igbo paid the price of defeat. However, it was significantly mitigated by Gowon’s magnanimity. In his magnanimity and deliberate, determined effort to reintegrate the Igbo into the Nigerian social life, he assuaged our fears, gave us a glimmer of hope, and provided us the enabling environment for a phoenix-like regeneration. Details


The Raging NGF Debate on the NSR. By Abdullahi Usman

Lately, there has been a raging debate on the part of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), centered around the existence and continuing utility of the National Social Register (NSR) of the Poor and Vulnerable Households (PVHHs) in Nigeria; a needless debate that should never have started at all, much less rage on for the period that it did. Details


North vs. Itself: A Memo to the Average Northerner. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

The recent appointments of the Tinubu administration have sparked lamentations across different sections of the country, especially in the North. The administration is being criticized for what has been termed by some critics as a regional capture of the economy by the South West geopolitical zone, where the president hails from. This has reignited, rather early into the administration, the North versus South narrative. Details


Climate  Cynicism: Fossil Fuel Growth in Africa. By Kola Ibrahim

Indeed, Africa has become a new frontier for fossil fuel development. This is being carried out by global finance capital, multinational corporations, governments of developed economies, and worse still multilateral organizations that claim to be spearheading the funding for climate actions. Details


Leadership Recruitment Process and National Development in Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

Nigeria is a potentially great nation. It has historically lacked strategic leaders that can bring about national development. But there is a lot that we can do to change the narrative.  Details


Intervention On Petrol Subsidy Removal and Palliative by Federal Government of Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

It is well recognised that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. But for a variety of reasons, governments serve purposes that are inimical to citizens and society. The challenge in Nigeria is huge. Nigeria hosts the largest number of poor people in the world. The fuel subsidy removed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on 29th May 2023 has increased suffering and misery. But there are clear policy prescriptions that can alleviate the suffering of the poor and vulnerable through social protection and palliatives. Details


Beyond The Rhetoric Of Campaigns: The Role Of Citizens And The Media In Ensuring Democratic Accountability. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

Meanwhile, there are several tools that can be used to hold government and its agencies to account. Unfortunately, these tools are not being effectively utilized in Nigeria. Everyone interested in the development of the country must therefore popularize these tools, operationalise them and improve the transparency and accountability of government in Nigeria. Details


An Open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR. By Nura Jibo

Mr. President, for Nigeria to emerge out of its extreme insecurity, poverty, and other groveling absurdities, you must embark on the total rejuvenation of the entire country’s Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs). Details


Buhari’s Toothache and a Nation in its Death Throes. By Chido Onumah

Today, the country is broken almost beyond repair. Corruption is rife. We are a debtor nation, a deeply fractured one at that. The country is more divided today than at any other time, and I am not talking about political division. Not since the civil war have we witnessed the level of division, fear and loathing we are experiencing today. Indeed, we are facing an existential crisis. Details


The Legislature, Civil Society Organisations And Development Partners. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

he legislature has a critical role to perform in the development of Nigeria. Given the political history of Nigeria, there is the need to reposition the legislature to perform its role of law making, representation and oversight. Civil Society Organisations, Development Partners and the media can support the work and help to reposition the National Assembly. Details


Why Nigerians Should Thank Peter Obi. By Professor Abdussamad Umar Jibia

My man of the day is His Excellency Peter Obi, a former Governor of Anambra state. I have never met Peter Obi and he did not attract my attention until he began to claim that he wanted to become Nigeria’s president. From the way he started up to the time he crashed, I knew that Obi didn’t have a good understanding of the country he wanted to govern. Details


Agenda For The Incoming Administration. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

The challenges facing the country are known. What needs to be done is known. We expect and hope that the incoming administration will address the challenges and change the narrative of our country and produce a just, peaceful and prosperous country. Details


Nigeria’s Failure is a Combination of Individual and Collective Disgrace of the System. By Nura Jibo

Nigerians living within and those that stay in the diaspora should start a self-cleansing effort to seek Allah’s forgiveness. Already, the people of the country have wronged God. Unfortunately, the current leadership does not want to agree with this position.

However, let me start with the individual failures before I descend to the collective disgrace and abuse of the system.



The Akwanaja 40: Not in Defence of the Nigerian Air Force. By Aliyu A. Ammani

Unless Fulani groups and notable individuals are seeing helping good Fulani pastoralists by detaching them from the bandits and terrorists embedded in them, any attempt at kicking against military actions on such Fulani pastoralists and their communities could easily be viewed as aiding and abetting banditry and terrorism under the guise of tribal loyalty Details


Letter to My Igbo Compatriot. By Professor Abdussamad Umar Jibia

Moreover, assuming Nigeria ceases to be which you and only you seem to be interested in, have you considered living in a landlocked piece of land not as big as a combination of any two states of Northern Nigeria? The southern minorities are not interested in Biafra this time around. Thus, the new Biafran would need a Nigerian visa to travel to any part of the world or at least permission for a Biafran airline to pass through the Nigerian airspace. Don’t you think that will be more disgraceful than losing an election? Details


Independence Day: Reminiscing the life of Tafawa Balewa. By Muhammad Sagir Bauchi

He was born in December 1912 in a district called Tafawa Balewa in Bauchi, though the historical village was addressed in Fulani dialect as TAFERI BALERI, which means (Blackstone). He started his early educational career as a pupil at an elementary school in Tafawa Balewa village. Details


Why Religion Should Take A Back Seat On Who Governs Nigeria. By  Abba Dukawa  

Why should religion be the yardstick to determine who governs Nigeria? Why should the religions of presidential and vice-presidential candidates matter? And What has religion in this case Christianity and Islam got to do with the ability and capability of a person to effectively govern a country such as Nigeria? Details


When Supreme Court Justices turn whistleblowers. By Chido Onumah & Godwin Onyeacholem

While officers in public service who have dared to take advantage of the whistleblowing policy to report wrongdoing continually face retaliation, not a single person who was reported and indicted following investigation by law enforcement or anti-corruption agencies has been brought to account. All the known perpetrators of wrongdoing keep getting away with their action, and even rewarded in some cases. Details




My small journey as PTA Chairman

The quality and cost of good teachers brought with it peculiar challenges, a need to align goals, and create a conducive learning environment. Teaching itself has become a bus stop profession, how many were there for the passion, many wolves in sheep clothing being in charge of our kids don’t make for good reading when the parents themselves are nowhere to be found until there is a palaver. Details


The Nigerian Police and our many dots

For a nation that fought itself fiercely at the last General Polls looking for a Messiah as president, it remains to be seen whether there is a sense of urgency to do what is right, or change our old ways. We are just special, in all our ways and manner, this nation of great men and women simply has too many dots. Details


The need for a Nigerian Consciousness

What do you want your children to be? Do you know what all of the emphasis is today? It is on sports, grades, and physical health, and popularity, and ability, but not character and the lack of character is a by-product of a society where the conscience has been dealt several body blows. Details


The lying fathers in Nigeria

Can Mr. Tinubu as father of the nation unite Nigerians, given the almost every day constant reminders that we are on the edge, Boko Haram, MEND, IPOB, OPC, kidnappers, robbers, terrorists, unemployment, union strikes etc? Do we have nice fathers, or are they weak, humble or sly or they are still trying to define themselves or cooking lies? Details


Mr. Tinubu and these governors

With 200million and still counting and no state having less than a million in terms of population, it is sad that there is still insufficient investment in social development, including healthcare, education, and social welfare programs, limiting human capital development and hindering the overall progress of the economy. Details


Hullabaloo of Nigeria’s democratic transitions

What exactly is deregulation, how exactly does this subsidy work...I have talked to government officials, petroleum marketers, a few 'big boys' in NNPC, and a couple of eggheads. Truth is that they do not know, or better still they know but cannot explain what these terms means. Details


Mr. Tinubu, you have inherited a divided nation…

Mr. President, there are socioeconomic disparities, with regions varying in terms of development, infrastructure, and access to basic services. The northern region, in particular, has faced challenges related to poverty, illiteracy, and underdevelopment compared to the more economically prosperous southern region. These socioeconomic disparities continue to exacerbate the sense of division and marginalization among different parts of the country, as the north has largely held power and the southeast feeling alienated. Details


You don’t want to go to prison in Nigeria

We hardly talk about the correctional services, or as people still like to call it, the prisons, and it is for obvious reasons. There are many things in Nigeria, we don’t wish even our enemies and importantly we do not want to run afoul of the law to the point that we find ourselves in prison. Details


Tinubu must solve that power problem

Only last year a handful of men put the whole nation in darkness in the name of a power strike. No one cared about the loss of those hours that the nation was left in the dark. We still suffer high current—electric gadgets bear the brunt, no one is held liable, and then low current—you can barely see, so there is electricity but it cannot power a bulb. Details


Bola Ahmed Tinubu; How will it end?

Bola Tinubu has to, not just by his will but by his powers, thread a new path--or else we may still tow the known path. It is the only road we know for now...road contracts that will be abandoned, commissioning of hospitals without facilities. Schools that would be neglected, strikes within various sectors of the economy amongst many short and longfalls will characterize the administration with a couple of its own fair share of 'elephant and hippo' projects. Details


In Nigeria; Go to court—or don’t go to court

Go to court, in case you do not know, go and find out how many millions it takes to get a date in the Supreme Court Abuja, with bookings well into 2025, one law for the rich, another for the poor. We are all victims and victimisers, everybody wanting and waiting for his/her time to plunder the system. Details


For Nigerian Doctors; To serve Nigeria is by force

Nigeria is a country where everybody is right, and everybody is wrong, it is a nation where when I am right, you must be wrong, we take decisions without critical thinking or analysis and when we do, we do it devoid of the learning and sharing perspective, there is hardly a middle ground, we have no consensus regarding what is wrong or a moral compass. It could be right on Monday and for Festus, and wrong on Tuesday for Ibrahim, it all depends. Details


Chibok girls, nine years don waka

Some people believe say na Buhari and the 'North' cause Boko Haram wahala, and say if Buhari dey power, the girls for don show face. Even as Buhari sef  come and don dey go, we still no too sabi how Leah take remain for Dapchi wahala Details


Wole Soyinka and the Critic’s Creed

Before I make some recommendations, let me state categorically that I do not just criticize the role of Soyinka versus others and those that get their kicks on taking the venerable professor of literature who has and continues to pay his dues. Details


Nigeria and Lagos; No man’s land

Overall, the debate surrounding no man's land reflects the complexity and nuance of the issues surrounding us as a people. While there are differing viewpoints and opinions, it is clear that the human cost of natives, non-natives, indigenes and non-indigenes, south and north and that efforts towards peaceful resolution are essential to reducing this cost is imperative. Details


Nigeria’s naira redesign; avarice versus envy

We are a people that just do anyhow, go anyway and at the end nothing happens. In the interim, banks were touched in parts of the country, no one was held liable, while other parts just moved on painfully. The old notes disappeared and the new notes were nowhere to be found. If Venezuela was picturesque, Nigeria is the reality; Nigerians were buying naira with naira and all the authorities did was at best rant and dramatize. Details


Misunderstanding the Nigerian Understanding

We are a people that are no different from our politicians, who are dealers rather than leaders, so it is difficult to understand the difference because we are consciously misunderstanding, no Minister's kid is looking for a job, no governor's brother is jobless. No local government chairman has an issue with getting his sister a job. Details


Eluu Pee, and the Nigerian narrative…

One of the many reasons our narratives remain same is we have constantly and consistently refused to understand meritocracy is the only way forward, that although, in a manner that is best understood by deep analytical quest, out there it is easy to be an American, Brit, or any European citizen by merit, and based on the skills set or what you offer that society, not where you come from or your faith. Details


Up Nigerians, but no yet Up Nigeria

The Presidential elections in Nigeria have come and go, the lessons are for us to learn, like I often have said, in speaking of heaven I am reminded that there will be four and half surprises, 1) the people we will see there, 2) the people that we will not see, and 3) the fact that we are there, 4) how about if there is no heaven and finally there is nothing to lose after all in believing and making it, than not believing and you don't make it. Details


Elections 2023 results, ‘the transfer never drop’

In Nigeria we decide who goes to heaven or who goes to hell. We disdain God in our privacy and fear God in the open. We believe that everyone needs to change but us. And painfully again we move, we will get a leadership but we are still a people whose physical appearance is just a deception therefore, not willing to forgive and ignore our shortcomings at least or at best forge shared values and fronts so that we can build a nation. Details


Abobi and the Nigeria Elections

Do you know that our election is a war! On the day of election, you, ‘MUST’ stay at home, the only place you are permitted to go to is a polling booth, and if you are unlucky that your station is a drive away from your neighbourhood. Forget it! No one cares, what if there’s a medical emergency,... Details


Finally, Uncle Bubu is going 

As Buhari prepares his final departure, his kitchen cabinet would also be preparing for the next step. Let me add quickly that politicians are not really so bad, it’s just that 99% of all politicians make the rest look bad. And I am sure for the next four years that will be the case for the next president of Nigeria. Details


February Elections: Nigerians just dey play...

But we dey play, the POS Operator is charging 2K for 20K if you want the new currency, no matter  who wins the next election, we will remain the same, because Nigerians contribute to over 50% of their sufferings, like play we fundamentally exploit our crisis against the common man. The #endsars movement looked close but it lost steam and lacked leadership and as such the powers that be had loopholes to exploit and truth be told, we don’t seem ready for a movement. Details


PeeCeeJay By Jideofor Adibe Reflections on ‘Vote Trading’ in our elections

In recent years, ‘vote buying’ has become a popular phrase in our political discourses. But what does this really mean?  Is it the same as ‘vote trading’? Does it have any impact on the country’s efforts at deepening its democracy? And what can be done to contain it?







My one word for Nigeria—Pause

The year has started with Dr. Betty Edu, the minister for human beings if you get the drift, N585M illegal request and all the drama of the accountant general and another Halima Shehu. Bottom line is that we already have the first scandal of the year. Details


... also read


All of us go soon craze, reviewing…Securitization and FMH in Nigeria

Like we say in local parlance ‘e day pain me’ but I sincerely hope that your paper reaches the hands of key decision-makers, government officials, and stakeholders involved in shaping mental health policies in Nigeria. The urgency and relevance of your work cannot be overstated, and I am optimistic that it will serve as a catalyst for meaningful reforms in forensic mental healthcare. Details


Nigeria: Balancing Religious Persecution, Accommodation, Islamisation, and Evangelism

Nigeria, a country known for its rich tapestry of cultures and religions, faces complex challenges related to religious dynamics. The coexistence of adherents of Islam, Christianity, and various indigenous beliefs within its borders has given rise to intricate discussions around religious persecution, accommodation, Islamisation, and evangelism. Details


Are we okay…in Nigeria?

Even Wolves cannot understand us, our banks declare profits year in and year out, do all sorts of bonanzas, give loans to importers, politicians at the expense of local industries and agripreneurs, and when it gives, they take kickbacks and fronts in manners that the real farmers never get these facilities. Details


Nigerians pray for Nigeria too but...

So, what am I talking about, I am talking to Nigerians who are praying for Gaza, I am laughing at Nigerians who are more Israelis than Nigerian, I am laughing at Nigerians at the Senate who are asking both warring parties in the Middle East to a ceasefire. I am laughing because gunmen are kidnapping in Abuja, I mean Abuja, but it is laughable that there has been a drop, not because the security has improved but the truth is that no one has ransom to pay.  Details


Interfaith Dialogue and Religious Freedom: Fostering Harmony and Tolerance in Nigeria

In Nigeria, interfaith dialogue and religious freedom are invaluable assets in the pursuit of a united, tolerant, and peaceful nation. They are essential for addressing religious tensions, countering extremism, and building a society where individuals can live out their faith without fear of discrimination or violence. By recognizing their worth and actively promoting them, Nigeria can aspire to be a model of religious harmony for the world. Details


There will be no Christmas Rice in Nigeria

We cannot keep buying cars for politicians and feed fat on a top-heavy system where a few drain the resources for very many. We cannot keep lying to ourselves through some marabout economic modules. For example, I do not understand how we closed our borders to grow rice, only for anchor borrowers' money for the same rice to disappear. Details


Dr. Aishatu Yusha'u Armiya'u's Quiet Strides at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Kaduna

Dr. Aishatu Yusha'u Armiya'u's giant strides at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Kaduna represent a transformational journey in mental healthcare. Her focus on infrastructure, staff capacity building, innovative treatment modalities, community outreach, research, and a multi-disciplinary approach has redefined the hospital's role in Nigeria's mental health landscape. Details


Sir Joseph Ntung Ari: A Legacy of Transformation at the Industrial Training Fund

In the ever-evolving realm of public service, the true measure of leadership lies not in words but in actions. It is indeed a rarity to find an individual whose tenure at the helm of an institution leaves an indelible mark, one that turns it into a powerhouse of growth and development. Sir Joseph Ntung Ari is one such extraordinary leader, whose remarkable journey as the Director General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) has been marked by colossal achievements and an unwavering commitment to national development. Details


Mr. Tinubu, and the Noah Effect

I say in all my writings and public fora where I speak these days that I am a cautious optimist, an impatient one at that. We cannot keep running this nation by chance. I would love for Mr. Tinubu to leave a mark and move this nation one slow step forward. The real threat to that happening may sadly well be the inability of his government to define itself. Details


Sustainable Value-Based Education Systems for Incarcerated Individuals

As we commemorate the International Day of Education in Prisons, let us reaffirm our commitment to cultivating lifelong learning and quality education within sustainable value-based education systems for incarcerated individuals. Together, we can provide hope, opportunity, and a second chance to those within our correctional facilities, ultimately building a better, more inclusive society for all. Details


Two-fighting, none winning, looking for peace…

Plateau State now stands at a critical juncture—a chance to build a future where peace and coexistence prevail. Despite the challenges, the determination of local government leaders, the state governor, security operatives, and civil society organizations is a source of hope. As investigations continue and efforts to maintain peace progress, unity and cooperation among. Details


Nigeria @63, can we breathe?

At 63 years old, ASUU may soon go on strike, education is on the decline, the system gradually collapsing, and yet no rage. We try to find the character through phrases such as transformation, 1 million-point agenda, re-engineering, redemption, Changi Dole, renewed hope, and all such catchwords, good people, great nation, but the truth is that silently the underdevelopment of our nation continues in almost all spheres. Details


Musings of a Ruga Girl: Youths and Petty Crime - Embracing Rehabilitation Over Punishment

The actions of our young generation involved in minor offenses, ranging from vandalism and shoplifting to the heinous act of murder, evoke strong reactions from both authorities and our community. However, it is imperative to delve deeper into the root causes of these behaviors and contemplate alternative solutions that prioritize rehabilitation over harsh punitive measures. Details


Tinubu’s first ten days are proverbs

So, add another zero, it becomes a hundred, and in Nigerian governance parlance and lexicon, there is something we call, the first 100 days of an administration. For Mr. Tinubu’s administration and a whole lot of the governors across the states of Nigeria’s republic, especially those newbies, it has been one full of proverbs, at the heart of which is “frustration”, a people so blessed living off of palliatives is one hell of a proverb. Details


Who be government sef?

For us to change anything, a holistic approach is needed, involving a mindset shift among citizens, active civic engagement, grassroots initiatives, and advocacy for transparency and accountability. Ultimately, Nigerians themselves have the power to shape the government and country they want through collective action and responsible citizenship, and for that to happen we must start thinking of ourselves as government—May Nigeria win. Details


Shame, recapitulations, and the tribunal verdict

In the past referred to as the "Giant of Africa," we are still on the tumultuous journey towards establishing a stable democracy. We continue to grapple with issues such as election disputes, the refusal of politicians to accept defeat gracefully, concerns over the perceived corruption within the judiciary to even address defeats, and the fact that in many cases the electorates are denied the right to pick their leaders by these verdicts of the law instead of the ballot. Details


A Nigerian Brand…Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi

No matter what we say, Nigeria's infrastructure, including roads, electricity, and healthcare, has faced challenges, affecting the quality of life and business environment, such that we are not viewed as a serious nation or people, it makes our brand weak. With political instability, frequent changes in leadership, and sometimes controversial elections have contributed to uncertainty in Nigeria's political landscape.  Details


Addressing Substance Abuse Through Nigerian Religious Leaders

One of the most effective ways that religious leaders can contribute to addressing substance abuse is by creating awareness within their congregations. Regular sermons, teachings, and community gatherings can be used as platforms to discuss the dangers of substance abuse, its impact on individuals and families, and the importance of seeking help. Details


How Nigeria ‘Can’t’ be great?

I’m going to be honest about what I’m going to say here. I’m 25 this year. I’m very pretty, have style and good taste. I wish to marry a guy with a $500k annual salary or above. You might say that I’m greedy, but an annual salary of $1M is considered only middle class in New York. Details


Tinubu's Ministers need to minister

The Central Bank and preliminary findings from its audit report show dat wahala dey with bankers that collect brokerage that has been inflated, inside trading from stock brokers are fraudsters benefit because of insider information. The youths who believe shady and fraudulent acts are ways of hustling will test the minister for finance and our economy will be tested, will he be able to minister?  Details


GPPAC Nigeria: Fostering Conflict Prevention

The incident in Niger on July 26, the seventh coup within West Africa in the past three years, rapidly evolved into a challenge for Western interests. Parallels with developments in Mali and Burkina Faso underscore the intricate dilemma of balancing the West's unyielding security and geopolitical priorities with its commitment to democratic principles across diverse African regions. Details


Religious Activism for Peace in Nigeria's Northern Region

Religious activism in Nigeria's Northern Region holds the promise of a future free from violence and discord. By fostering dialogue, building bridges, and promoting cooperation, religious activists can transform conflicts into mutual understanding. Details


The rat in that Abuja hotel

In a shocking twist of events, a prestigious luxury hotel recently welcomed a new VIP guest that has undoubtedly set the hospitality industry abuzz. Say hello to the hotel's uninvited but determined guest - the rat! While most hotels strive to attract high-profile celebrities and dignitaries, this fine establishment seems to have taken a rather unconventional approach to hospitality. Details


CJID and changing the face of Nigerian Journalism

For me, and I dare say the larger Nigerian society, we must begin to understand that accountability journalism plays a pivotal role in shaping societies by holding those in power accountable, safeguarding democratic values, and fostering sustainable development. In an era characterized by information overload and the rise of disinformation, the importance of promoting innovation within journalism cannot be overstated. Details


Native doctor and palliatives, more on voodoo economics

Nigerians are trekking, they will be healthier,  trekking and walking long distances are a good thing, no need for the gym, we are losing weight, problems of obesity will reduce. People are using less generators, reducing noise pollution, and our roads are less-used. Sadly, it is the common man that will still suffer from high blood pressure. Details


That N8, 000 and our voodoo economics

No one produced anything. No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism. This is voodoo economics, don’t ask how it works, if it works, when it will work, who it works for, no one earned anything, it's just from here to here, like it is said in common place what do we know—May Nigeria win! Details





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