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PeeCeeJay By Jideofor


Adibe Buhari’s decision to seek re-election


I was surprised that some people seemed surprised that Buhari decided to seek re-election. I have always maintained that it will be unthinkable for any President of the country to forgo the opportunity of seeking re-election – even if that President is in coma. Aside from the natural allure of power, in our type of society, the office of President is by definition bigger than its occupant such that the decision on whether to seek for a second term or not is bigger than the occupant of that office. Details


Plato, Machiavelli and the Qualities of Good Political Leadership. By Okachikwu Dibia

Thus for Nigeria to progress, it needs leadership that has integrity, intellectualism, patriotism and fear of God. Applying these qualities on Nigerian political leadership, how many Nigerian leaders qualify to lead the country since independence in 1960? An attempt will show that over 90% of Nigeria’s past and present political leadership has no business in leading the country and that is the chief reason the country has remained underdeveloped since 1960. I will prove this very soon. Details



Poverty In Africa Not Rooted In Ethics Integrity Or Laziness. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Imported finished goods and services will never liberate you. Your destiny is in your own hands. Until we have an African country bold enough that other black countries can look up to throughout the world, we will continue to wallow in poverty, lose best brains and our leaders that want to be like their colonial masters, even as great grandchildren of slaves, will continue to sell us out for pittance. Details


Buhari 2019 Campaigners: Lying to Sell a Truth. By Professor Abdussamad Umar Jibia

As the rest of us are waiting for explanation or at worst a mum, I m particularly disappointed at the kind of things coming from the Government and her social media campaigners. Last week, for example, many newspapers bore various headlines like, ‘Good News: FG Declares Tuition FREE At All Federal Universities In Nigeria’, ‘Beware that tuition fee is now illegal in Federal Universities’, etc. My God! As someone who has been in a Federal University for almost a half of my short life I know that tuition has been free in Federal universities from the beginning. My parents did not pay for me and I m not paying for my children. My students are not paying. Why then present the issue as if tuition fees were being paid and the Government of the day is now banning it?Details


Achebe versus Obasanjo, Danjuma, Agbese. By Okachikwu Dibia

... Obasanjo insisted that “our number one problem was corruption... In the same vein, General T. Y. Danjuma (rtd) argued that “the greatest challenge facing the country was corruption” .... Dan Agbese, ... formulated a hypothesis that: “wherever public institutions fail the people, there you find the ubiquitous ‘C’ word”. I believe ‘C’ represents corruption. Consequently, to him, corruption is the bane of Nigeria. Details


Northern Nigerian Muslims and their Addiction to Doctrinal Controversies. By Muhsin Ibrahim

The North is stasis largely because of our doing. We are too disorganised, unorganised, divided, and disenchanted with one another. Almost everything is either sectionalised (remember the Northeast Development Commission saga?) or interpreted based on one's sectarian or political affiliation. Details


On Need to Revive Monolithic North. By Ado Umar Muhammad

That was the golden age of the legendary ‘monolithic North,’ which was greatly feared by its powerful political foes. Luckily for them that feared North gradually became a shadow of its former self after the creation of states and the civil war. This was because through extraneous instigation and sustained media campaign, elites of minority tribes began to complain of neglect and abandonment by their fellow Northerners, particularly leaders of military regimes that succeeded General Yakubu Gowon who was ousted in a bloodless coup in 1975. Details


Nigerian Fast, Heresy, and Common Sense. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

“Fasting and prayers” are also taken by Nigeria’s ignorantly religious to be substitutes for obedience, patriotic deeds, or principled living.  It is simplistic to ignore your necessary duty to society, and then think that you can “pray” and “fast” your way out of the consequences. Negligence of government responsibilities is often shrouded by “prayer and fasting”. Besides, there have been reports of governments in Nigeria spending public funds on “prayer and fasting”. Details


Nigeria and the Winds of Political Power. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

In Nigeria, it appears that many people are too carried away by the winds, earthquakes, and fires of political movements or forces to pay attention to the still small voice of conscience, knowledge, and revelation. This weakness is a reason for the recurring mistakes the mainstream news media, opinion column writers, the electorate, and the perpetual critics, who hardly vote in elections, have been making. Details


Notes on Leftist Politics in Nigeria. By Edwin Madunagu

Recently, a young man who teaches English at Abia State University phoned to inform me of an impending conference on the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx. But what the call provoked in me was not the remembrance of Marx and his enduring legacy but anger over the fact that some people still regularly irritate me with chants of “death of communism” and “disappearance of socialism”. Details


Triumph, CTV: Rimi’s favorite media twins. By Ado Umar Muhammad

Wednesday, April 4, 2018, marked the eighth anniversary of the death of Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi, the first executive governor of old Kano state (Jigawa state inclusive). He died as a result of an attack by armed bandits close to Darki town in Takai LGA while on his way back to Kano from Bauchi state. Late Rimi is generally acknowledged as one of the two best governors of Kano state who laid the solid foundation for its development, the other being Alhaji Audu Bako. Details


The State of Education in Nigeria (Part 1). By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

There are Nigerian critics who agree that Nigeria is offering “expired education”. The foundation of college or university education is primary/secondary education. Many of our secondary school graduates that have been admitted to study in some of the best universities in the world are not first “quarantined” in programs code-named: “detoxification of Nigeria’s expired education” before they start as freshmen in their choice degree programs. Details


Nigerians, Foreign is not Always Better. By Professor Leonard Karshima Shilgba

Last Saturday, a friend forwarded to me this headline: “Nigerians are receiving expired education, says US Varsity VC.” The story was published in a mainstream national newspaper. He and I have studied and worked in countries that supposedly do not offer “expired education” to their citizens and foreigners that study in them. Without wasting precious time, I sent him this reply: “Education does not ‘expire’. Besides, let the ‘US varsity VC’ provide the curricula for the programs the US universities offer, and compare with Nigerian universities’. Details


On Nigeria’s Regional and Religious Affiliations. By Professor Leonard Karshima Shilgba

Let me address Nigerian militants. Why are you angry with Nigeria, but not with your State of origin, Local Government Area, your State governor or Local government chairman? Do you know that out of every N 100 that goes into the Federation Account your States and Local Government Councils take about N 48? And from the N52, the Federal Government should provide across the country all the services that the constitution requires it to provide. Details


Role Of Advocacy In Budget Tracking. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

Several scholars have argued that one of the greatest problems confronting Nigeria is corruption. It is well known and documented that corruption is widespread, deep and endemic in Nigeria. Nigeria has been consistently rated among the most corrupt countries in the world by Transparency International in its Corruption Perception Index. In 2011, Nigeria was ranked 143rd out of 183 countries. In 2012, Nigeria was rated 139th out of 176 countries and in 2013, Nigeria was placed at the 144th position out of 177 countries. Details


Nigeria’s Public University Education: Reducing Burdens and Raising Quality. By Professor Leonard Karshima Shilgba

The time is now to work toward saving Nigeria’s college education from under-funding, inadequate carrying capacity, unreliable quality assurance that is heavily based on National Universities Commission (NUC)-commissioned evaluations, and merit-abused admission and employment criteria. We cannot continue this way, and hope to build a great society. We must change course. Details


Can I Trust Your Electoral Choice? By Professor Leonard Karshima Shilgba

In 2015, after President Buhari's electoral victory in the presidential election that year, I listened in to an interactive listeners' program on a radio station in Bayelsa State. The discussion was on expectations from Buhari government. A caller said, "I would like Buhari to construct Yenagoa-Ogbia road." The host correctly told him that the road construction was the business of the Bayelsa State government. Similar wrong expectations are entertained by many Nigerian voters who may sincerely not know enough, while some may just be plain mischievous. Details


We are All Together. We are all Together. By Owei Lakemfa

The politicians are in bloom with the 2019 General Elections knocking. One colourful politician I am yet to hear from is Pastor Chris Okotie, the Founder and Head Pastor of Household of God Church International Ministries. In almost  all contemporary elections, he tells Nigerians that God had instructed him to run for the Presidency as he has been anointed the next the President of the Blackman’s most populous country. Details


Nigeria in Need of Leaders. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

More than ten years ago, in an essay, I asked who spoke for Nigeria. Every so often, we speak for our “tribe”, “religion”, or “geo-political zones”, which we must, but quite rarely do we speak for Nigeria. And this also is our problem. It cannot be denied that the most prominent qualification for the Nigerian citizenship is our respective ethnic nationalities from which we have our divine origins. Details


Divorce: Best Mom Even In A Slum May Not Be The Best Wife. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The areas in old African cities like Monrovia and Freetown may look like ghettos now, they were the place we were very happy. We had soccer fields close by and where there was none, we created ours on the streets. When cars came, we made way for them and as soon as they drove away, we resumed our game. Today, with so many people, you cannot even see Lagos roads, full of people. Cars make their way through like a divided sea that closes as cars move away. Details


Kannywood, a Film Industry in Need of Revaluation. By Muhsin Ibrahim

As I wrote elsewhere, the relationship between cinema and the orthodox religious institutions is often marked by uneasiness if not outright hostility. From its very beginning, the Puritans see the raison d’être of visual art as only to entertain, which means to distract people from their duty to God and ethical undertakings. Until today, the accusation is all the more raging. How filmmakers handle the questions of morality, culture and spirituality is under censorship. Kannywood, the Kano-based, up-and-coming motion picture industry of and by the predominantly Muslim Hausa speaking people in northern Nigeria, is not an exception. Details


Budget 2018: Issues for Advocacy. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

The budget is crucial in allocating resources and delivering services to citizens. But there are a lot of blockages to the budgetary process in Nigeria. Previous advocacy efforts have led to some improvement, but a lot still needs to be done especially in terms of process, content and implementation issues. There is the need to promote citizens engagement in the entire budget cycle from selection of projects through implementation to monitoring and evaluation. Details


Africa and the Age of Hate. By Aminu Hamajoda

The rising ethnic and communal tensions in Africa especially in Central Africa, Congo, South Sudan and Nigeria should be stopped, analyzed and resolved immediately before the middle of this year, 2018. Leaders in Africa must gather without resort to UNO or any non-African institution to appraise the current conflicts in Africa without fear or favour. Details


Yoruba Ladies Are The Ultimate Wives. By Farouk Martins Aresa

However, if you have made it, if you do not have a Yoruba as a wife, you have failed to clinch the ultimate lady. It does not matter which ethnic group you belong to, Yoruba lady is it. Go to other cities or towns, once they know you have a Yoruba wife, you are entitled to a chieftaincy title and they brag about it too. One reason is what most of us know: Yoruba ladies do not marry down except when certain circumstances demand it. Details


Fulani “Herdsmen” and the Way Forward. By Professor Abdussamad Umar Jibia

Like on every issue, Nigerians are divided. First, since the issue has to do with Fulani, a tribe closely associated with Islam, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Southern press took their side. It is an opportunity to pour out the anti-Islamic venom on an issue that is purely criminal. As a regular reader of online newspapers I always find the headlines of southern newspapers and the comments revealing. They have a regular pattern. From the headline you would know the side taken by the newspaper. Details


Complexity of the Quintessential Artist. By Abdulwarees Solanke

The archetypal artist is often a completely complex personality, usually misunderstood, an unpredictable character given to impatience, mood swings and brain waves. Yet, he has an unusual inner beauty and absorptive capacity of all experiences. He appreciates the beauty of nature to fertilize his vivid imaginations; he has utopian dreams and aspirations that confound the average man. You may find him totally a recluse or an unapologetic introvert. He could be weird, and sometimes be called mad or unreasonable. He could be boring, colorless, or unattractive. He or she could look a small rat you will consider him inconsequential; you may see him a "stingo", thin as broomstick or anopheles. He could be physically challenged: blind, lame, deaf or dumb. Because we often cannot gauge his strength, values and virtues, we are likely to underrate him. Because he is sometimes short of words, we cannot find happiness in his company. Details


Process Reform: If Nigeria Must Break Through. By Abdul-Warith Solanke

With the efforts at the executive arm of government to inspire CHANGE in all ramifications in Nigeria, there is a silver lining of a breakthrough in the country. The notion of a breakthrough is reaching the desired destination from a torturous journey, not by magic or miracle but by a definitive and systematic process that requires careful planning and patience. This is the gist of President Muhammadu Buhari’s thesis on Process Reform instead of restructuring obsession while addressing the nation on Monday. So, in what way must we reform our processes or must we act to achieve that systematic breakthrough? Details


Businesses & Inter-Ethnic Marriages May Suppress African Self-Hatred. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Businesses have always contributed a haven where you find people of different ethnic groups in pursuit of economic salvation. Any business that wants to expand its market share must expand to gain more people to patronize its goods and services. They need retailers to market services and goods. Africans have now come to realize that they have to patronize one another through the Continent. South and East African businesses now operate in West Africa and vice versa. Details


Ethnic Economic Sabotage Brewing. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Yoruba and Igbo youths have been involved in internet war for a while. They can easily predict who is involved in rituals, drugs or 419 at home or overseas. Yoruba youths became sensitive to a financial institution within them being cheated and may be dragged into liquidation by no other than some businessman relocating back home. They are grabbed by fear of those taking it all but giving little in return. Guarantee Trust can go under if others acquire such bad loans. Details




That assault on Rivers judiciary


Benue’s descent into anarchy


Averting another flooding


Lessons from Kenya dam burst


Ending the JOHESU strike



Insecurity: Security chiefs at Senate, demand special funding


Presidency, Army battle Amnesty International


Over 21,000 Cameroonian refugees currently in Nigeria - UNHCR


Buhari-Obasanjo faceoff: Crossfire, as supporters bombard each other


Money laundering: Court grants ex-governor Shagari, Wali, others, bail


Peace Corps bill fails again



Numan youths take protest to National Assembly amidst tears - VIDEO


UniAbuja student electrocuted at Giri village


NHRC receives 46 cases in one month in Kano – Official


Cholera Outbreak Kills 12, over 100 Infected in Adamawa


25,000 Youths to Lose Jobs in Anambra over Okada Ban



'90 percent of cargo are under-declared at Nigerian ports' - Shippers’ Council


CBN halts use of foreign draft and cheques for tax remittances


Buhari yet to receive passed 2018 budget - FG


Google Earmarks $2m for Project in Nigeria


‘Nigeria cannot grow with its current low debt’Sunday Michael Ogwu, Lagos


The rising debt profile in Africa and other parts of the world was a dominant issue discussed at.


Emefiele warns banks on emerging threats



Court voids Jibrin’s suspension, orders Reps to pay him accrued salaries


Drama in Gombe Assembly as member flees with mace during plenary


Buhari-Obasanjo faceoff: Crossfire, as supporters bombard each other



A state where government works?

Is Our Democracy Dying?


Back To Our Communities (II)


Who Is Advising President Buhari Or Who Is He Listening To?...


As South Africans Keep Killing Nigerians


Justice Delayed is Injustice Delivered


The ‘Forwarded as Received’ Warfare



S’Eagles W’Cup Camp Bubbbles As Players Arrive


Flying Eagles progress to final qualifying round of Niger 2019


Nigeria call Chikwelu, 9 other stars for Gambia


FIFA World Cup (24 Days to go) : Team Profile – FRANCE



We Owe it to Posterity to Evaluate Our Leadership Continuously


Let me conclude, therefore, by underlining that the public policy realm has not been spared from the vagaries of our politics.  Where and when governance and public policies become contingent on transactional relations or unfettered partisanship, the nation suffers.  As I have said previously, when our national elite are unaccountable to the nation, they collectively undermine the nation and indorse democracy’s uncertainties. Details


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Nigerian Elite Indorse Democracy's Uncertainties



Description of Nigeria’s nascent democracy and its increasingly uncertain state can be redacted to a simple phrase - paradox of plenty and deprivation.  Oddly, the presumption persist that democracy in whatever context, will default naturally to equity and distributive justice that enhances security and social order. This presumption is rooted in the belief that the so-called dividends of democracy, naturally taken for granted in entrenched democracies, will manifest in nascent democracies, and help in securing an irreversible process of democratization, even if incrementally.  Nigerians are learning otherwise. Details



Inadequate transmission oyel to pump Nigeria's Economy



In recent months and as the General Elections draw nigh, President Buhari and his team has insisted that economic growth under his presidency “is better than it has been in many decades,” it has equally stood by the old lines like a Trump that “the Economy is raging at an all-time high, and is set to get even better,” and “It has been many years that we have seen these kind of (economic) numbers.”...If not for the last reckless administration we would have been TRANSMITTING better. Details


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BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Nigeria; her women and mothers (Proverbs)


If you marry the woman you met on the dance floor, she will someday go off with a drummer; in its raw Yoruba dialect this proverb is a delight. Its basis however is not far from my grief on Nigeria today because of her leaders that are behaving like a woman that was so picked by a man. It’s sad that Mr. Buhari and his APC cohorts almost 4 years into this misadventure has left his countrymen who gave him this change charge and away he is dancing to the drumbeat of doom. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Buhari versus Buhari...them and us

We at most, talk, write and discuss the Nigerian myth, one which is leadership, with a sense of fatalism. If everyone thought as much as I did about justice and fairness, life would be better. I am critic, but I am also the critics’ critic, the unrepentant believer that the best way to keep government on its toes is to keep harping on their flaws so they can improve. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. ...Playing perpetually with fire; Nigeria

We may blame government for all we can, but really is there an enabling environment for job creation and are we creating jobs at the rate at which we are churning out grads-half baked, unbaked or badly cooked. The statistics for a nation that cares less about figures is frightening a case of playing with fire. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Lazy Nigerians; Laifi'n babba, rowa, laiii'n yaro, kiwuya

To the ordinary man, it’s about the basics, not free things, but available things. Usman mai doya buys water, has a small 'I pass my neighbor power generating set'. Add that to the quasi-private school his children go to, the money he pays on healthcare, yet he pays some form of tax to government and he still is a government on his own, having to provide security through payment of some sort to some vigilante. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Four years after–Chibok girls, and tales of nationhood

In four years we have lost men and officers, more villagers have been killed and loads of propaganda, half-truths, misinformation and sheer falsehoods, fight between now opposition PDP, and governing APC, even the airforce has accused the army of taking their shine. The army has had a mutinous situation, local media vs. foreign media, and Christians/Muslims. But fact is that we do not have the Chibok girls. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Till we disgrace corruption, the macabre journey continues

So shamelessly all through last week, both ruling party and the opposition traded lists on who stole what, who stole most, who stole when, are where the thieves are currently, at least I can assure you that not one of the thieves are serving some serious jail term. And I could not help but wonder #who-really-did-this-to-us? Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Remembering 2015; Mr. Buhari…and promises broken, hope dashed?

We are really no different from the ant, having done the great, by change we stuck at the same place—APC won, but has it done things differently from the ANT, and PDP has it provided credible opposition pushing APC to its limits for the people’s advantage, and all the naysayers, letter writers, counsels, and self defense experts, are we not behaving like the ANT and hoping the APC and Mr. Buhari fizzle out. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Like Wakanda, Nigeria needs a Black Panther

We are in Nigeria where governors bought heaven on earth in the name of mansions at least hence they know hell is their destination they might as well enjoy what earth has to offer. Governor who bleached with their wives and slept with their Commissioners’ wives and ordered the assassination of the cats belonging to their political rivals. Politicians who observed due process in the golf course with a can of Heineken beer and their daughter’s classmate playing with their chest hairs and they smiled away destinies of future generation. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. I will vote Mr. Buhari because...

Today the bitter truth is that corruption begets corruption, and we are breeding it. This Nigeria is benefiting a few, and many don’t want it changed, whether it stands or not is not about how much we swear, but real desire matched with action for change, and as it stands with this kind of changeless change, I am with Buhari, unless we show guts; when—Only time will tell. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Presidential State Visits and all the Boju Boju

So much has been said about the change as we approach 2019, and infact for whom we are, in some quarters we have celebrated it. The question however is, as we preach the sermon, is there any procedural mechanism at ensuring effective compliance, do we possess agreed legislation or what we have is a set of unwritten rules and regulation for which public holidays are set, and poor traders are molested because the President is in town. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Yobe Abductions; Imagine if your child was in #Dapchi

The essence of Boko Haram whether it started as a revolution, or sponsorship is from Timbuktu or arms are coming from tripoli or Tivpoli. The current administration like the one before it, has not been entirely honest about Boko Haram, and that their technical defeat, and if we all keep mute, the movie called Yobe is coming to a cinema near us, how brutal, while we scream Allah forbid--only time will tell. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Politicos naija and monkey business

In my nation the greatest asset for political adventure as it is, is failure, just fail and you are on your way to big time pie in the national cake. That is the reason, while Nigerians are still basking in the euphoria of a snake swallowing N36 million in Benue JAMB office, it has been alleged that monkeys have taken N70 million belonging to the Northern Senators Caucus. The caucus had sacked Sen. Abdullahi Adamu as its chairman following allegations of misappropriating N70m belonging to the group.  Briefing Newsmen after Plenary, Senator Shehu Sani said that since the money could not be accounted for, maybe this time monkeys have made away with the money. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. A nation that has been swallowed

The truth remains that as a people we are religious, we don't joke with our Fridays, and Sundays. We don't joke with our "juju" either. We swallow all sorts of black powder. We love music, we are intelligent and yes, we excel in many a thing we put our hands to do as a people. We are resilient, while people talk about the American dream, we as Nigerians are not dreamers, we are simply swallowing nation. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. We like or we nor’ like Buhari 2019

Finally Mr. President, you are not under obligation to read, or listen to me. Besides you are not the root cause of why 50+ years after we are still a nation of potentials and little in achievement. You cannot do anything about it...but certainly you can do something...You cannot surprise many of us that do not believe in you. But you can shut us up by performing. It's your choice sir, but really—Only time will tell Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. The herds, the herdsmen and men in Nigeria

We have closed our eyes, ears and noses, lost our consciences, as we have become victims of our own self-inflicted docility. In parts of Benue, local youths now will kill and eat those they perceive to be enemies...The Newspapers did not tell you this, neither did anyone tell you that in many parts of Nigeria today, there is an average of one gun for every ten houses, unlicensed arms and ammunition. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. My dear Baba Buhari, leave us to keep eating Maggi

The situation in the nation has led to excessive Maggi eating, thus we have become an edgy people, a nation divided across ethnic and faith lines with intense hatred. Promises have not been kept; the emotions of integrity, incorruptibility do not hold water when insiders know better that all is not well. So as a people what have we set out to do, we have resorted to reducing our population by self inflicted genocide, we have by a self-programed button resorted conspiracy theories. The larger population is making the noise, the leadership is silent, and little done is assuring. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. The Sh*th*le resume of a Nigerian politician

A lot of realignment is going on, so much happening in the political landscape. The timetable is out; many are doing their homework…others are rounding up class work. Many of Mr. President's blue blood will desert him and quite a few will be hunted at the eleventh hour after being thrown away, the opposition will be getting into all sorts of marriages of compromise. From Atiku, to Col Umar Dangiwar, conventions of the main parties will show a mirage of the more we look the less we see. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Nigeria; My Predictions for 2018

Apart from the prominent Nigerians that will die, scores of Nigerians would be killed by robbers, kidnapped and in one form of crisis or the other. We already are seeing that happen sadly so. From Kano, to Zamfara, Rivers to Abia states innocent Nigerians will fall victims in all sorts of rallies, and sadly no one would be held liable. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. My Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup, Social Media, Music, and Religion

While the conversation was going on, I reflected on happenings in Benue state, killings in the New Year, the President’s speech stating we are impatient and general politicking towards 2019, we are seeing tension grow, hate speeches on the rise, and what role is the Nigerian young mind on social media playing. Is 2018 for Nigeria one with hope, or we are in for a continuous retrogressive, are we in line to change the change or the change will really change—Only time tell. Details




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