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Greed Drives Locally Made Goods More Expensive. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Dangote recently announced that he was going into rice production while promising to flood the market and bring prices down. Well, it is true that most promises made by businessmen in Nigeria in particular have not been fulfilled. Critics pointed to Dangote promises about cement whose price has not gone down just as his entry into tomato production. In the case of tomato, he was not the only Nigerian that made promises.

We have to accept that there are more market forces at play than the promises of one man. This writer is not a supporter of Dangote and has pointed out his disagreement with him in other cases. Details


Nigeria’s National Assembly As Democracy’s Poisoned Chalice. By Godwin Onyeacholem

To say that Nigeria’s National Assembly has been living in infamy since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1999 is to understate the severity of the country’s democratic woes. While less endowed but well-meaning and development-conscious counterparts on the continent are devising means of advancing the culture of popular representation through openness and improvement of the lives of their people, Nigeria’s so-called “distinguished” senators and “honourable” members are perpetually scheming for secrecy, swindling the electorate and the country and generally making lives more miserable for their constituents. Details


Political Impasse In The Gambia: The Facts, The Lies And The Bad Precedent (1 and 2). By  Ibrahim  M. Attahir, Esq.

 realized that, what was on the ground in The Gambia was contrary to what people were being fed with. I saw the scenario as a manifestation of a statement attributed to a former US President, Thomas Jefferson that: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” This serious misinformation prompted me to write this piece as my humble contribution on the events in The Gambia. I hope it will put some records straight and separate the grain from the chaff, at least, for posterity.Details


Gladly and Gratefully Paying the Price. By Aliyu A. Ammani

... the Sokoto jihad is the best thing that ever happened to Hausa: the land, the language and the people. First, it united the hitherto disunited Hausa states. Second, and perhaps most important, it made the Hausa language the de facto lingua-franca of the caliphate which spans beyond the boundaries of the original Hausa states. Consequently, when the colonialists came, and as a result of indirect rule, Hausa language gradually became, in practice, the language of policy and administration across the entire northern protectorate of Nigeria. Details


Nigeria Budget 2017: What Are The Issues? By Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.

Therefore, the historical challenges with budget in Nigeria including concerns with the budget process, content of the budget as well as implementation challenges remain unresolved.  The process issues include the fact that citizens and communities do not participate in the selection of projects that go into the budget; Legislators are not consulted on the selection of projects into the budget; and oversight of the budget process by the legislature, civil society and the media is weak.  Furthermore, the Public Accounts Committee which was very popular in the second republic has become very ineffective and there is still confusion on the limits of legislative power in appropriation. Details


Hypocrisy of Free Floating Currencies in Liberalized Markets. By Farouk Martins Aresa

African economists with colo-mentality insist on free-floating currency and liberalized market as the only way to move our economy forward because it attracts foreign investments. We do not argue against foreign investment. We actually want foreign investment, what we guide against are predatory investors that have no interest in long term infrastructure but temporarily park foreign pension funds and edge funds in stock market that has never added value to economy. Details


Nigeria’s anti-corruption war: Why the presidency must stick with Magu. By Godwin Onyeacholem

But President Buhari should remain firm and not succumb to the prejudiced opinions and sheer blackmail of those working hard to blunt if not completely eliminate the refined cutting-edge of the anti-corruption campaign symbolized by the current leadership of the EFCC. He knows many of these agents of retrogression, and some of them even thrive under his very nose. There is no doubt that in Magu, the president made one of the finest choices of his administration considering the fact that both share almost an equal level of revulsion for a monster that has virtually crippled Nigeria, and which Buhari has placed on top his “change” agenda. Details


Understanding Open Government Partnership(OGP) In Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD.

Nigeria has been faced with the challenge of effectively utilising its resources to support equitable economic growth, effective service delivery and social cohesion. One of the major driving forces for the development blockade is lack of openness, transparency and accountability in governance. Therefore, if government and citizens embrace open government principles in a tailored stakeholder engagement, then the blockades will be dealt with and reform will take place that will lead ultimately to effective policy, effective budget and effective implementation.  The move by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to join the Open Government Partnership is therefore a commendable one. Details


Telling the Recent Bayero University, Kano Story. By Maikudi Abubakar Zukogi

If the story of this vibrant and promising university will necessarily be tied to how it stands in the world university ranking, it is doubtful if it would ever get told. Bayero University, Kano will simply serve as the first course mixed gravel and cement holding the intimidating pillars of world Ivy League universities that annually make the list of Times Higher Education Supplement world university ranking. This emerging and unassuming university isn’t likely to put up any encouraging showing in the African universities ranking either. So if your interest is to look for a university with a promise like the northern star and you are going to have to rely on this somewhat academic rankings, you are more than likely going to miss out on what above every possessor of knowledge, there is one more learned, which is what the motto of Bayero University, Kano is, has to offer. Details


Now that You are A Graduate. By Yusuff Olayode Yusuff Supoto

Good that you have a good grade, and I am happy you are the best product in your department. However, there is a very important question you need to ask yourself before writing an application letter. You importantly should see, after answering this question that definitely, you are an irresistible product for an employer. Why not ask yourself, “Am I employable?” Details


Most Foreign Awards Are Bribes To Drain Africans Economy. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Ngozi Iweala, was Finance Minister with zilch private sector experience. Preached advantage of Paris Club odious debt pay off (negotiated unwisely according to Prof. Soludo) during OBJ reign; turned around and sold advantages of borrowing more during Jonathan. She now laments that   foreign investors took $80 billion out of Nigeria because of Buhari body language. Otherwise, they could have borrowed at low rate of 2% at home to reap 15% interest in Nigeria. Where does Nigeria make the profit (difference) from, what justifies our high rate and who benefits? Details


Southern Zaria: Why CAN Should Beg for Peace. By Abdussamad Umar Jibia, Ph.D.

The history of Northern Nigeria has left it with two distinct groups of people who are living in anything but love and harmony. Of the nineteen Northern states, Muslims outnumber the Christians in 16, with Christians having the majority in Plateau and Benue states. The two religious groups fare almost equally in Taraba state. Of the 19 elected governors in the North, 16 are Muslims representing 84.2 % while three are Christians representing 15.8 % in the North and 8 % nationwide. In the North Central geopolitical zones where they nicknamed the middle belt, there are more Muslims than Christians. Details


By All Means, Let’s Restructure. By Babayola M. Toungo

We are yet again at the season of unreasoning – the season when hair-brained ideas are put forth in order to advance personal ambitions instead of moving the country forward.  These are times when after running out of ideas, our politicians resort to emotive issues to whip up sentiments and draw the undiscerning to their cause.  Nigeria has seen so many of such fly-by-night politicians in the past and I am sure will see the back of the current crop.  These politicians are not averse to pushing the country to the brink as long as their scheme gives them political mileage.  The vogue today is the call for the restructuring or renegotiating the structure and unity of Nigeria as it exist today. Details


If You Think Living In Nigeria Is Hell Try Underground World. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Who the hell am I to tell you where to live, eh? After all, I reported myself to the Immigration hoping they would deport me back home. The nice immigration lady kindly told me that they had not received my medical report back yet and I should wait until they get it. Unknown to her was that I thought once I showed up, they would deport me back to Lagos, Nigeria. Home, sweet home. Well, that was many years ago. Details


Marzuq as Metaphor. By Adamu Tilde

What the aforementioned narratives demonstrate is the shattering of the long-held but absurd belief and mythology and wayward stereotyping of Northerners as lazy ignoramuses, intellectually inferior to their Southern counterpart, who cannot compete equitably without the aid of "Quota System". Details


It Takes One Man To Change A Country From Lootocracy To Democracy. By Farouk Martins Aresa

So one writing that went viral claimed that ten Buhari could not change Nigeria. We all seized upon it to make our points whether to give up on Nigeria or keep on trying until we die. Some of his frustrations were shared by most of us, whatever position we took. Nigeria is a mess that has not risen up to its potential or expectation as a regional power. So much was expected in the sixties after Independence. Some even claimed if it was Nkrumah that headed Nigeria, Eh! Details


Corruption And The Untouchables. By Aminu Iyawa

It has been gathered that Heritage Bank is partially owned by the senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki who allegedly solicited the assistance of the Governor of the Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele to revive it.

I have personally spoken to a close friend to one of the contractors who was denied his payment  cheque of over a billion Naira until he opened an account with Heritage Bank. And when he tried to transfer the funds to the accounts of some people he owes money, he was denied the transaction and told to ask the beneficiaries to come and open accounts with the bank. Details


The 2016 'BRICS' India (GOA) Summit:  - Wether Nigeria. By Abubakar Atiku

Nigeria is never mentioned anywhere in the 7,322-worded Declaration, unlike the Republic of South Africa (RSA) that is a member nation.  Therefore, why should any Nigerian for that matter bother about the relevance of the Goa Declaration to Nigeria? Details


The North, Shiites and the Quest for Tolerance. By Adamu Tilde

The recent sectarian mob violence targeted against the northern Shia minority should enrage any believer in justice and freedom. That appalling display of lawlessness and barbarism must be unreservedly condemned by everyone. It is bereft of any legal, moral or social justification. Those angry mobs who cheerfully lynched their fellow citizens and torched and looted their properties have desecrated the very religion (or values) they are claiming to protect, and the clerics who silently or loudly abetted such travesty have betrayed their calling as men of peace. Details


Osinbajo Ridiculed United Looters Of Nigeria At Harvard. By Farouk Martins Aresa

When someone asked about differential treatment and marginalization, the Vice President as a skillful lawyer and Senior Advocate noted that when Nigerians loot, they do it as united clique of people. You would find different ethnic and religious groups united. But as soon as they cry marginalization, it usually comes at the expense of one ethnic group inciting other members that would hardly share their loot. The whole audience roar in approval and laughter! Details


Reviving Nigeria’s Shrinking Economy. By Amina Ado

How did we get into this mess? First, the fall in commodity prices depressed oil and gas earnings. Despite progress made since the return to democracy in 1999, Nigeria still relies heavily on oil and gas for its foreign exchange earnings and revenues. For example, it accounted for 93% foreign exchange earnings in 2014 and 70% of government revenues in the same year. Details


Ancient Africans Were Writers. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Professor Babatunde Fafunwa (23 September 1923 – 11 October 2010). A Nigerian advocated that school children should be educated in their native language first in order to facilitate their thought processes making it easier to learn other languages and subjects. Their thinking and logic become easier to adapt for invention and discoveries locally. This is how children that cannot speak a word of English or French become great scientists and Nobel prize winners. Details


‘Aso Haunted House Of Horrors’. By Ezekiel Daminabo

Abati’s take on the Aso Villa was further accentuated through the write up by Femi Fani Kayode in his own piece titled: Abati’s ‘Aso Rock Spirits’, Buhari’s ‘Kitchen Wife’, And The Curse Of Power’’. Fani Kayode claimed to concur with Abati based on his own personal experiences having served in Aso Rock for three years. He also veered into history to mention personal tragedies of past leaders which he referred to as their sacrifice for leadership. Details


Girl-Children as ‘Endangered’ Humans in our Society. By Muhsin Ibrahim

Girl-children face more challenges than can be confined in a single piece like this one. A girl child is, by her soul and flesh, like an embodiment of problems. Many poor girls languish in the river of despair, disgrace and disdain and have no one to listen to them. Their crime is only being girls. They are today the victims of abuse, rape, labour, hawking, early marriage, etc. Details


Operationalising Open Government Partnership (OGP) In Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

The Buhari administration made the commendable move of joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP), The partnership has the potential to unblock those challenges that have prevented the government from providing effective service delivery to citizens. The process of operationalising OGP in Nigeria has started. Nigeria government and citizens need to learn from the experiences of other countries and engage the process in a way that will lead to the accelerated development of Nigeria.Details


Judicial and Pastoral Abuse Of Integrity And Breach Of Trust. By Farouk Martins Aresa

If Buhari can clean up corruption in the Judiciary and the Police as he had embarked on in the Army  as soon as he was elected, we will see more changes (except for Burutai property in Dubai). We do not expect a perfect system but enough to make most promises stick. He was elected knowing his fault and weaknesses, especially regarding some of his appointments. But Nigerians are so sick and tired of corruption, they are willing to ignore some of his blind spots. Details


APC Imbroglio: Is Bola Tinubu guilty? By Abiodun Komolafe

Well, while I may be insufficient at supplying answers to these troubling  questions, until proven otherwise, I hold the notion that Odigie-Oyegun was either misunderstood, misrepresented or  used  by some principalities higher than him. Again, until there is evidence to the contrary, I am also of the firm belief that President  Muhammadu Buhari is too decent a leader to be  involved in this  messy and rather childish tricks that take nobody anywhere. Details


Consolidating the Gains of the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria: The Need to Ban Convicted Looters from Holding Public Office for Life. By Dr. Abubakar Alkali Muhammadu Buhari of 1983 is still the same one of 2016 as far as his stand against corruption is concerned. Remember that Mr President started his war against corruption in 1983 as a military head of state (During his war against indiscipline WAI). Mr President is not ready to jettison what he started 33 years ago.  When you fix corruption, you automatically fixed 95% of Nigeria’s problems. Details


Only Little People Pay Taxes Corporate Welfare Bums Do Not. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigerian politicians make more money in salaries and allowances than other politicians in the world. Yet nobody asks or query them about how much they pay in taxes. Ask anyone of them how they accumulate so much money, they usually claim their wealth is from their businesses. If business is so good and profitable, we wonder why the country has not shared their prosperity. The fact is most of them only give honest business men and women a bad name. Details


Is Nigeria Ready for Change? By Aliyu Ahmed

Nigeria has always been a country hanging by a thread, balanced on a needle and always on the edge. Nigerians for so long have wallowed in a state of uncertainty and misery. Nigeria was well on a path to a suicidal self destruction, we were in dire need of some kind of fairy tail romance before we finally imploded to oblivion. Buhari in his second coming drove us madly in love when he promised us ‘CHANGE!’. The promise of change resonated with every Nigerian. People from every state, city and village flocked en-masse and voted for change. The divine message has been heard and Nigerians were finally ready for a euphoric beginning with Buhari. Details


Youth Restiveness, Militancy and the Intractable Problems of the Niger-Delta. By  Austin Emaduku

If the Federating States must exist as Centres of developments rather than wasteful bureaucracies, then they must be empowered to develop at their own space. There are serious efforts by the Buhari Administration to diversify the Nigerian economy away from dependence on oil. This is good but can at best be only a short time measure while we commence the process of truly fashioning out a new federal constitution that is agreed upon by all constituents. Details






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Buhari's men are not working ehn



And finally the ministerial list was read on the floor of the Upper Chamber of Nigeria’s National Assembly, and in few hours the nation was under the couch, the wailing wailers and the body language experts went into over drive. Timeline was October 2015, and I penned my thoughts... Details


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Apostle Suleiman and the Logic of ‘Fallen Angels’



Six, how do we resolve issues of moral failings by Pastors? The allegations levelled by Ms. Otobo against Pastor Suleiman are another powerful justification for a non-governmental body that will regulate the religious sector. Since the allegations against Apostle Suleiman are largely moral (adultery), it is only a non-governmental body such as the Christian Association of Nigeria or the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigerian (PFN) that can really effectively handle the intricacies of such an investigation. Details

PeeCeeJay By Jideofor Adibe


South Africa:  Xenophobia or ‘Afro-Asiaphobia’?



Mandela’s country has unfortunately a long history Afro-Asiaphobia. Though the Apartheid governments made no bones of their dislike of non-white visitors, anti-foreigner feelings paradoxically worsened after the dismantling of the Apartheid in 1994. Even before the 2008 orgy of violence in which an estimated 62 people lost their lives, there had been pockets of violence against mainly Blacks and Asians. Details



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