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Looking forward to post-Buhari era. By Uche Ugboajah

Although the presidency pretended not to be rattled by Kukah’s assertions about our country, the Bishop himself admits that he is not saying anything new. “One would be tempted to ask, what is there to say about our tragic situation today that has not been said? Who is there to speak that has not spoken? Details


Revisiting Nigeria’s political trajectory. By Abiodun Komolafe

Though debatable, Nigeria’s problems as a nation-state have not been unconnected with how to move the country forward. They were not very many; but, while some Nigerians already had advanced knowledge of how the country should run and develop, others were held back by the primitive ideas of their forebears.  Details


Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2021 and the Way Forward. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

There has been a lot of challenges with the conduct of elections in Nigeria from 1923 to date. The challenges include among other things irregularities which put the entire electoral process in doubt; problems with the legislative framework which puts constraints on the electoral process; the inability of various stakeholders to play their roles; lack of room by the electoral system for inclusiveness; lack of independence of electoral commissions; long process of election dispute resolution; irresponsible behaviour by politicians; thuggery and violence; and monetization of politics. One of the ways that has been used to address these challenges is through the electoral Act.  Details


Nigeria, Hard Times and Cacophonous Tunes. By Abiodun Komolafe Sad that our democracy has been so reshaped that votes no longer count. Instead, guns and allied violence do the counting; even the collation of results. Announcing the winners is a different ballgame entirely. Interestingly, the configuration of the Nigerian society, as of today, is different from those ones they lied to, decades ago Details


IGR and VAT Controversy; A Bright Future for the North. By  Muhammad Sagir, Bauchi

If one analyze that IGR statistical report and the five years VAT table, he’ll weep for the sorry state of the Northern states! And the implications of possible ruling in favor of those two states (Ekiti and Lagos) by the Appellate Court against the federal tier, then not only the Northern states, but the remaining 34 states would find themselves in deep economic crises. Details


Nigeria At  61: The Challenges of Nationhood. By Garba A. Isa

Political power rotation may not be in the National Constitution but is a good tool for measuring  political maturity or otherwise among the political actors. An enduring feature of Nigeria as stated by the late Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, is that “it is big enough to accommodate our differences” Finally, leaders and other political actors  may come and go, but the common denominator is our only God-given country; Nigeria. Details


The Nigerian Media As Agents Provocateurs. By Babayola M. Toungo The social media street has been taken over by merchants of hate and those weaned on a diet of hatred masquerading as champions of democracy.  The mainstream media, on the other hand, is always eager to provide platforms for ethnic and religious bigots to pour profanities on Nigerians who disagree with their views (no matter how warped).  Ironically, those who always assert their right to say their minds are always not averse to the abridgement of the right of others who see the world from another perspective. Details


Northern Nigeria and VAT: The Imperative of Industrialization. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

Northern Nigeria has lately been dominating national news headlines following a Federal High Court judgement that shifted Value-Added Tax(VAT) collecting authority to Rivers State as opposed to the prevailing status quo that has the Federal Government as the sole VAT collecting authority through the Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS).  Details


A Word for Nigerian Academic and Clergy Communities - PART ONE. By Emakoji Ayikoye There is a noticeably strange and negative competitive culture amongst us, Nigerians, on social media, which, if a person doesn't pay careful attention, it tends to subtly creep into one’s life. This culture is especially more pronounced amongst the literate (academics) and the religious (clergies) communities; and I may be guilty here too. The widespread behavior on social media is increasingly making me uncomfortable. Details


The Economic Cost of Dishonesty. By Adamu Tilde, PhD From my experience and experiences of older mentors, business associates and bosses, there is neither shortage of capital nor shortage of good people willing to support and invest in viable businesses. What is in short supply is honest and dedicated men, men who are patient and willing to toil and build long-lasting businesses. Details


Kannywood; consumer or producer's market? By MA Iliasu If certainly Kannywood produce only the films that'll appeal to it's watchers for the fear of losing revenue, then It's vivid that the industry perceive film market as consumer's market rather than producer's market. Which is definitely why they produce movies that watchers' want rather than the ones the watchers' think they want. Details


The Stagnation of Political Consciousness in Nigeria. By Umar Bello, PhD. The quest for better leadership through genuine and focused criticism is diverted and the ship of awareness remains motionless and rooted in one place. Both the supporters and opponents of leaderships on the basis of primordial sentiments have missed and continued to miss the larger picture. Details


Soludo stands out. By Tochukwu Ezukanma For his many achievements, he is the recipient of scores of awards and recognitions, including the Global and African Central Bank Governor of the Year awards in 2005, 2006, and 2007 by different international media institutions, including The Banker Magazine. Details


MS-II Colloquium: Inspiration, Influence and Impacts. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

MS-II’s personality is indeed superlative, his life achievements stand to be phenomenal by every standard and his values and ideals(some) as formed and propagated are indeed worthy of being espoused. He is hence worthy of being celebrated. However, all he is being celebrated for some people say, are absolutely personal. Details



Herdsmen: The Fulani Pastoralists: 1. By Prof. Lawal Mohammed Marafa

 Many other people can proffer solutions and identify the way forward. My take will be part of the following: (l) As an immediate action therefore, the priority should be to deploy enough security units to areas where clashes have occurred and mayhem unleashed; (2) The perpetrators of violence should be brought to justice regardless of their status or ethnic allegiances; (3) Specifically track and disarm ethnic militias, whoever they may be; and (4) Identify long-term plans for a comprehensive reform of pastoralism as a major economic sector. This will also come with a vision to improve access to products, services and markets for pastoralists and herders and their offerings. In this way, conflicts will reduce. Details


Elzakzaky‘s Acquittal: The Imperative of counter-narratives. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

Sadly, the government did not do well in that regard. It’s mismanagement of the situation especially in terms of inadequate mass communication gave room for the rise to eminence of many misconstrued, misrepresented and misleading information and analysis usually brought forth by IMN supporters, apologists and IMN friendly international media, which lent credence to the campaign that sought to portray his innocence. Such information and analysis eventually overshadowed the many civil testimonies of atrocities meted upon the people by IMN members. Details


I wonder why the APC senators mostly stood against the clause that sought to operationalize the electronic transmission of election results. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

Why is APC hell bent on amplifying a limitation that they have done nothing to improve, as justification for their skepticism towards e-transmission of election result? Why are they not talking solutions and alternative routes towards achieving e-transmission just as they did vehemently when the PDP postponed elections in 2015 because of the insecurity in the North East? I wonder how they would have reacted if they were still in the opposition, but given their reaction to the issue of card readers while they were, I strongly believe they would have supported e-transmission. Details


My “Unpopular” Propositions by Edwin Madunagu. By Edwin Madunagu

My argument with myself at this juncture is, therefore, this: Since I am convinced – and have been so convinced since I became a Marxist – that only the Nigerian Left can consistently fight for and guarantee the genuine unity of this country, .... Details


Azikiwe, Ojukwu, Aguiyi-Ironsi gave us One Nigeria: Igbos Should Stop Blaming Others for their Woes. By Obinna Akukwe

Therefore, Igbos should do some introspection. From Azikiwe to Ironsi to Ojukwu, all of put their lives in line for ‘One Nigeria’ until circumstances caused Ojukwu to declare secessionist Biafra in 1967, albeit belatedly. Therefore, Igbo Youth and the elitist cheerleaders of secession should ask relevant questions, and apportion blames appropriately. Details


The solution is not in restructuring. By Tochukwu Ezukanma

The restructuring of Nigeria will not provide a solution to our innumerable and immeasurable problems because the wellspring of our problems is attitudinal, not constitutional. It is our perverted attitude towards the law – our entrenched penchant for breaking the law – that is the hemlock of the Nigerian society. Details


Thoughts On Open Grazing Ban, PIB, 2023 Presidency Zoning And The Southern Governors. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

For Godsake the Livestock industry is worth over N30 Trillion in Nigeria, and if leveraged properly through the adoption of modern livestock management systems(like Ranching Systems), would open the doors of the North to $3 Billion worth of Foreign Exchange. Not to talk of the huge amount of jobs that will be created across the value chain if we decide to industrialize the endeavor and the huge revenue that would accompany it. Details


So what if Kanu is arrested? By Prof Abdussamad Umar Jibia

On Tuesday June 29, while the rest of us were still waiting for action (although sincerely speaking most Northerners have lost hope), Malami appeared on our television screens to tell Nigerians that Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB was arrested “through the collaborative efforts of Nigerian intelligence and security services”. That is a good news, I thought, but it is no news. Kanu has never been the major problem of the rural farmers of the North. His arrest will never make Kaduna-Abuja, Kaduna-Birnin Gwari, Jibia-Gusau, Kankara-Sheme or any of those highways safe. It will never stop the harassment of our people killed, kidnapped and raped by bandits on daily basis. So what if he is arrested? Details


We Must Pray for Peace But Be Ready for Ongoing War. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Most decent people detest violence in any guise but nobody has a monopoly on violence. This is why we must pray for peace in Nigeria regardless of who or where you are. War has never been the best answer and it may not be the answer to the problems in Nigeria. The Country has not even recovered from the last civil war that produced Nigeria's most incompetent rulers in history. The children are still suffering from the vestiges of that war. Details


Short-Sighted Separist Agitators. By Anthony Akinola

I take the position, even when it could be unpopular, that the amalgamation of Nigeria should not continuously be visited as the problem.  Any nation that would play an important role in world politics must have, among other indices of national power and prestige, the compliments of size and population. Details


Navigating Your Way to Greatness: How and Why. By Adamu Tilde

The questions to ask ourselves are: Is there a deliberate effort to stop people from Northern Nigeria from joining those important sectors? Why are graduates of Northern Nigeria conspicuously absent in those important sectors? Are graduates from Northern Nigeria not sufficiently trained to secure jobs in those sectors? Are graduates from Northern Nigeria not in the know of the countless opportunities outside Nigeria? Details


Invest In Children In Africa To Get More Values Than Foreign Trained. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Unlike the days of their parents, most of the children sent abroad today hardly come back. Indeed, one politician wondered out aloud if his children and grandchildren abroad would come home to bury him. They may come home on vacations for a week to a month. Details


Can Nigeria Be Developed Without Discipline? By Okachikwu Dibia

For a solution, we must paint the picture in context: the lack of discipline in the political leadership of Nigeria affects her development. Therefore the objectives of this article are to expose the meaning of the key variables (discipline and development) being engaged, know their nexus, see how lack of discipline affects development and what could be done to reverse the unacceptable Nigerian situation. This unacceptability results from Nigeria being resource rich, but suffers resource curse through indiscipline, the harbinger of underdevelopment. Details


The Nigerian oil-rich poverty. By Tochukwu Ezukanma

Most Nigerians are not politically fastidious; our concerns are limited to the mundane and pedestrian. We long for the basic essentials of life: jobs, food on the table, education for children, electricity, water, security from criminal predators, and protection from the inhumanities of governing officials and agents of government. Unfortunately, after more than twenty years of democracy, our basic expectations of democracy continue to elude us. Details



The Political Economy of Crypto currency. By M.A. Iliasu

What is cryptocurrency and why has it been introduced? Details


Hausa-Fulani Planning to Secede: Niger, Chad to Benefit (Part 1). By Obinna Akukwe

Hausa-Fulani elites of northern extraction have been plotting how to secede from Nigeria since 2017 and the beneficiary nations will include Niger Republic and Chad. The only snag in the plan is the herdsmen who are not ready for any breakup of Nigeria, preferring a secured colony within the national space. Details


A Microeconomic Analysis of BUA Versus Dangote Price-Fixing Conflict. By Sagir Ibrahim

In Nigeria, we're operating oligopoly where few firms produces for millions. They dominated the markets, determine the supplies in low quantity and also determine the price above margin which in itself is abnormal situations. While in real monopolies, monopolists control only one tool. Either price or supply, but here they control both. And this is as a result of huge FAVOURs they enjoyed from the authorities through policies they lobbied. That’s why we are in a perpetual inflation as huge amount of money is chasing few goods produced by these Oligopolistic firms. Details


Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye: A Tale of Missed Opportunities? By Sung H. Bauta, Ph.D.

Most Christian leaders in Nigeria have not used their platforms to challenge injustices in the country. There are people who would disagree with my conclusion by pointing to pastors who speak publicly on political issues. But, as I show in this article, most of the pastors’ rhetoric and political engagements have been self-serving. Details


Clarifications and re-statements. By Edwin Madunagu

I have, for some time now, been convinced that the Nigerian Left will, one day, be pushed to maturity because Nigeria’s ruling class, as we see it today, cannot lead the country out of this national crisis. Now that history appears to have granted another temporary reprieve to these rulers, I may seize the opportunity to clarify parts of what I said in that my urgent call to the Nigerian Left. Details


On Hijab Controversy: The Need for Sober Reflection. By  Muhammad Sagir Bauchi

The country’s Constitution grant freedom to each and every individual the right to practice his/her religion without any hindrance whether from the society or the Authority, in as far as his practices does not go in contend with Laws of the country. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, it seems like to some Religious Authorities, this freedom should have a certain limit, and the limit should not come from the constitution but from them. Details


Nigeria: The Unscramblity of a scrambled egg. By Tochukwu Ezukanma

At the time of independence, the Nigerian power elite were yet to imbibe the political skills and refinement, and the attitudinal disposition for leading a democracy. Secondly, the emergent country was not a nation, but a welter of ethnic groups, with their competing and conflicting tribal and political interests. Details


We have lost our Innocent. By  Chido Onumah

Two weeks ago, I lost a comrade, brother, and friend, Innocent Chukwuma. Innoma, as I called him, was 55, and until a few months ago when he retired, the regional director (West Africa) of Ford Foundation. Every waking moment in the last two weeks has left me thinking about life and Innocent Chukwuma’s death. Details








Nigeria’s Unitary Federalists versus Restructuralists

There is, however, a growing sense that Nigeria’s voice has become muted and her influence on the wane. Since our 10 July, 2019 Op-Ed titled, “Is Nigeria Still a Regional Hegemon?” wherein we pondered the incipient decline in Nigeria’s regional and global role; the country’s national context has further deteriorated. We introduce the concept of deficit of moral purpose to explain that decline. Details


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Reducing the Cost of Governance in Nigeria Revisited

There is no universally agreed optimal size of government. Still, when any tier of government fails persistently to meet its recurrent expenditure from its revenue, that is a warning signal to adopt fiscal prudence. Nigeria must rescue itself from the fiscal cliff that it hangs. This will require thoughtful reflection and much needed action on the nature, scope and sequencing of CoPA reforms. Details


Can Zoning Arrangement Produce An Effective Leader

This also elicits a heady question: Can zoning arrangement produce an effective leader? Three core issues need to be considered. First, there is no geopolitical zone that cannot boast of prima facie qualified and competent presidential candidates. Second, effective leadership is a function of skills, knowledge and experience. By failing to rotate political power, the country deprives itself of the experience and expertise of such persons. Third, Nigerian leaders and citizens evince much pride when their compatriots make progress in the political and other spheres in foreign countries. Details






Sokoto Killing of Deborah ad continuum

Each time we blame touts, jobless young men for these wanton destructions, but what has this society done in encrypting the virtues of the practice of religion into them, be it Christian virtues, Islamic beliefs or traditional and moral teachings…Rather because they are willing tools in the hands of political manipulators, they leave them impoverished, uneducated and diseased in mind, spirit, soul and body.Details


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Long Live Nigeria—But!

I am not writing about prostitution, I am writing about Nigeria, I am writing about a nation that may not live long if we don’t find heroes soon, we speak of her heroes past. I am speaking to a nation of black roses. A nation that is everyday falling apart and retrogressing more than it is progressing. I am talking about our youths, the black roses of Africa’s largest black population, I am talking about how they move without direction, I am talking about the stifling cages that they are kept in. Details


Nigeria 2023; Living on tomorrow’s bread

My verdict is simple. Nigerians are happy, we are still high up there in the index of happy people, very and I add very happy people. Comedians still have audiences fill up their shows. Our politicians provide us with sobering laughable moments weekly; people kidnapped, robbed, killed, week in, week out. And yet thanksgiving services with dances of all types and executions follow suit.  We are happy jare Details


A nation without boundaries, and sad outcomes

What do we stand for, who are we, what really is working in Nigeria, we are tortured with banditry, terror, and abductions, killings by unknown gunmen, every section of the country is terrified, and our economy is on a nosedive, but no one is bold enough to say that a nation that should ordinarily be creating epic outcomes across the globe is a minnow, beset in all corners? Details


#ChibokGirls—Long Forgotten?

Eight years we have lost men and officers, more villagers and villages have been killed and taken, loads of propaganda, half-truths, misinformation and sheer falsehoods, fight between now opposition PDP, and governing APC, even the Airforce has accused the Army of taking their shine. The army has had a mutinous situation, local media vs. foreign media, and Christians/Muslims. But the fact is that we do not have the Chibok girls. Details


Nigeria 2023; top to bottom—bottom to top

Nigeria, be it himself, herself or itself, is a nation that thrives on breaking the rules, one of the major reasons for why we are at this point. We refuse to follow the set rules, we kill what seemed ordinarily our once moderately easy to follow rules, ethos and norms. With each new administration, the signs were there but we refused to see them. Again, the signs are there, that the world may not remain the same…but our would-be leaders come 2023 don’t seem to understand the dynamics I outlined above beyond buying nomination forms. Details


An Ode to Kaduna Train Number X

Hours after train number x attack, station x was attacked, airport x had been attacked, and the Zuma x barracks lost several soldiers while in faraway Kebbi policemen guiding a factory were killed. In our ode to death, we whine, blame, curse and hate, while truth is we cannot get by the train when leadership is seemingly rudderless, when non-state actors’ inch by inch have taken up spaces from the government. Details


The cockroaches in Nigeria

Have we been observant of the behaviour of our political class in the run up to the General Elections, not that much governance has taken place but that governance has ceased? Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of, just and right to save a situation. Do Nigerians from the show of shame see that these are cockroaches, with a short life span, but cumulatively they are ruining this space called Nigeria. Details


Nigerian and those slaps of suffering

In Nigeria today we are given all kinds of slaps, the RHETORICAL SLAP, the one they slap us, and we ask, who slapped us, some slaps are SWEET SLAPS, here they are about to slap us, and they are testing us, asking whether it's painful or not, and we start blushing because the slap was administered by our kinsmen or adherents of our faith. Details


An orphan called Nigeria

The child Nigeria is an orphan today, no one cares how we queue on the long line for a product that God has given us in abundance. We don’t have a ‘single’ working refinery and yet local refining in countless nooks and crannies in the Niger Delta region. We import everything that we have capacity to produce locally, and tell me we are struggling to produce pencils, we are finding it a load to float an airline and some minister dude (one of our fathers) is talking about producing an airplane. We cannot even get enough diesel in a train and local flights are cancelled and yet our fathers look on. Details


Nigeria 2023: A leader and a gallon of fuel

You see the Nigerian looks upon Nigeria as a theatre and the entire population representing and manifesting the full spectrum of acts and actors. In this revelry, life is the theatre; the nation is the stage upon which we perform.  The politicians and a few of us are the actors, very often mediocre. When stars appear, it is more often because a play must have a star rather than because the player is possessed of some dramatic genius. We falter and we muff our lines; sometimes our performance takes on an aspect of the grotesque-nobody takes this seriously because it is perceived as being the nature of the play. Our people become the audience. Details


Born in a Nigeria of Chaos

The birth of today’s Nigerian youth, is one that is full of chaos, they are victims of power, property, prestige, popularity and pomposity…it is these ‘p’ factors that make it impossible for the Nigerian youth to do that which should be done, it is the illogical, the wrong that becomes ethical. Details


Abba Kyari was created by us…

Between 1999 and today the police strength has grown from 112,000 to somewhere around 371,800 officers, a very poor figure, compared to our population, even if you recruit 10 million men into the police and with almost 100 million Nigerians hungry, unemployed, frustrated, crime would still be high, and if you add to the fact that many of the Policemen and few women out there are examples of everything bad and ugly about Nigeria need I rest my case, because in a system where a Police Recruit would earn barely N9,019.42 and N302,970.47 for a full  Commissioner, there would be different versions of Abba Kyari. Details


Nigeria 2023: The Politician and Sheikh Rochas

I am not an unrepentant pessimist or see no-good critic, politics is dirty but then there is principle, and integrity. In Nigeria we have suitcase carrying politicians. No plan, no focus except a strong objective to loot. They sing all manners of spiritual songs, preach all kinds of homily as 2023 beckons but like a man born in Lagos, grew up in Lagos, works in Lagos, is elected into office and the next thing; he embarks on a familiarization tour of his very own backyard. Details


Iya Damola and Nigeria’s Yahoo+ Generation

God bless Iya Damola and Iya Prince…above was the time when values and sense was common before we threw it to the wind. It was the time when we did not celebrate success and people without scrutiny. It was the era where Iya Prince and Damola’s eyes were the first remote control of life. That remote control had all other gestures such as coughs, laughter and more that told us what to do and how not to act. Details


Nigeria—no be juju be this

Our Federal Road Safety Corp Officers only work during the day and close by 5:00PM and the roads can be left unsafe at night. Nigerian cannot be ‘de-jujulized’ by praying, by big grammar, by protests, the juju has to be engaged, the gatekeepers of power and resources in Nigeria are not up to 5000 but their juju is strong and is holding the nation down. Details


In Nigeria not much makes sense

While one weeps, one can still see. However, no matter how accommodating one is, one should never take leave of one’s good judgement. I am personally accommodating of the present crop of leaders, but I do not see where they are bringing cure from, they still cannot seem to figure out how to make sense of the Nigerian project, in few months albeit weeks, we would have moved on, how long would we go on like this—Only time will tell Details


Nigeria 2023: Candidates wey no sabi

With the campaigns soon heating up, with the best of efforts, Nigerians live in households where a scary percentage has not completed at least six years of schooling, have no access to electricity, lack seven of eight of the following assets (a radio, television, telephone, computer, animal cart, bicycle, motorcycle, or refrigerator). They also do not own a car. Details


Mummy G.O and Nigeria’s Flying Carpet

Those that want Igbo presidency will go to hell, those that do not want a Muslim President will go to hell, those that want a Catholic vice president or an Izala Senate President will go to hell, because for politicians it is about power, they do not have friendship, or enmity but interests, and that interests is not that of the people. Details


Nigeria and more of the same

No resolve to change, no resolution, it’s more of the same, all the prophets and prophecies, all the new year speeches by governors and that of the President ‘na wash’. There are no action plans, no deadlines, no backup plans. Unrealistic blablabla, with no other thought or plans beside the statement, like we will get a million out of poverty by one official like that, while it seems like there’s a resolve to put a million under the feet of poverty. Details


My Prophecy for the year 2022

We pray in the church, in the mosque, in the beach, at the feet of the mountain, and on the mountain top, we pray before an exam, and still commit malpractice, Imans, and Daddy GOs littered everywhere. Trust me, if I write on, I am bound to touch certain sensitivities, and in the best principles of "Do No Harm", I shall keep quiet, my countrymen love God, ever seen us praying not to lose a match that we were ill-prepared for, after all the god of soccer is a Nigerian and what God cannot do for us does not exist. Details


The Pharaohs of Northern Nigeria

A detailed account and understanding of Pharaoh’s government, shows an archetypal dictatorial regime. However before some state operatives come looking for me, I will leave room for innuendos and allusions, leaving just enough room for deniability while at the same time allowing the reader to grasp the intended meaning. Details


Where is Nigeria going?

A nation politically and culturally, religiously, and economically sick, nobody will really care about us, except we care about ourselves, look at how we are treated by both our leaders and ourselves. The bad news is overwhelming and despite the scores of good things no one is listening because we are weak and disunited as a nation. We say the right things but are quick to do the wrong things. Details


Nigeria, and the alarm bells for the deaf

The distribution of low and high-income reveals the same old divides. While we fight tribes, religion, politics and politicians. Large numbers of children had no school last year and less than 20% were able to access online or alternate education. As the economic situation for middle-class families worsened during the pandemic, enrolment declined in private schools and increased in public schools.  Details


The fact of the matter in Nigeria...

In the Nigerian context, our situational ethics sets the tone to the effect that we have relative dysfunctionality, what is good in one place may be bad in the other, there must be a given situation, time and space. There are dichotomies of good in Nigeria! The act and art of good governance in and for Nigeria, past, present and future is idle, not lending itself to any objective and precise analysis. Details


Nigeria and Nigerians are apart

I would end with these words on marble by the now late Nurudeen Lemu, "Every ethnic group is an oppressed minority somewhere. Every group is a religious and ethnic minority somewhere. Every majority or settler is an indigene somewhere. In one way, we are all settlers; we just don’t remember where we came from or why we came. But ultimately, we are all visitors to this planet, from God we come and to Him we return. Details


Nigeria's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Nigeria and Nigerians need to dialogue, for healing and forgiveness to take place, to vigorously preach peace rightly. We need for the sake of our collective humanity, the victim, the aggressor, and the community to come together quickly, and speak the truth, we cannot get what is lost, but we can start afresh with reconciliation, do we want to—Only time will tell. Details


E choke for Nigeria

It chokes me that Nigerians pay N5.7tr for darkness eight years after privatisation, the national grid has collapsed more than a 100 times in eight years. Nigerians still pay or contribute for transformers, wires, and poles and supply has never passed 5,000MW, not enough to power Christmas decorations in an American state. Load shedding, electricity rationing, and half current are common terms, while I do not want to go into the economics of pricing the commodity that is not available. Details


Real nonsense people

Government bashing is a national past time and every drinking joint, and any suya spot that is BH free has a sitting parliament with an expert on every and any issue but we forget that no matter the input if the politicians and actors in our national scene have questionable lives both on personal and domestic level, nothing will change, the best government policy cannot change the individual. It is because the policies are formulated on a bad foundation and by people with warped thinking. Details


OGP, Plateau State, and some good things

Good things need to happen in most spheres of governance, the gaps between the governing class and the governed must be deliberately breached and such that engagement is the key word. Too many bad things happening in Nigeria in different parts but with a few good men, with them doing good things, we can bring about some change, the OGP, Plateau and other states have in their hands another opportunity to get it right; hopefully this is one BIG good thing Details


COVID19, those rumours and more rumours

Nigeria cannot come last in every indices of measurement, again COVID19 provides an opportunity to make an appreciable level of progress both in vaccination but also in tackling her numerous security and conflict challenges and put good governance as a conversation back to the front burner. Details


Are we stranded in Nigeria?

In our state of helplessness judicial workers went on strike, Doctors too, teachers, nurses, labourers, everyone that can strike has struck at one point or the some point even the police threatened to strike, early in this our democracy made in Nigeria one of the two houses of the National Assembly threatened to strike over their allowances. Details


What you won't hear in Nigeria...

I tried to make sense of the nonsense we have become over the years, we are still crawling, still suckling, and younger nations, lesser democracies are chewing the big bite of development, forward thinking, positive strategizing and we are making speeches and drawing plans on the board. I cannot but wonder what we are talking about, we just defy logical reasoning, we are a rule to an exception, the grossly unusual is usual to us... Details


Comparing the contrast called Nigerian Leadership

If Nigeria will work, leaders must take charge, change MUST start from them, sadly and the reality of it all is that leadership starts from the quality of citizenship, the demand and accountability rope must be pulled by patriots, expectation indices set by the governed, we must see pride and something to believe in. Unfortunately, what we have available is simply scary! Details


The business called Nigeria

Nigeria, ideally is one of the best places to live in, it is not a Police State like so-called Western Democracies. In Nigeria I can urinate anywhere and not get fined or arrested, I can get a ladder and climb the electricity poles and effect a change of power phases, that is if the problem is not from the nearby power transformer which anybody can repair with dry wood. What a business? Details


Looking for the god of good leadership

For how long, how long, is there change in the horizon, is there anything to hold on to, are we going to be knowledgeable at least this once to change the course of our destiny? The politics of Nigeria, the politics of deprivation, the future is bright and ours for the taking but then do we know or we want to leave it to them again Details


What the Gbong Gwong Jos told me about Sokoto

He is the Gbong Gwom Jos, paramount ruler of the ancient cosmopolitan city of Jos, he doubles as head of the Plateau State Traditional Council. He is a firm man, an arrogant man, down to earth, cantankerous, he is vast, it all depends on which side you are looking at, and an interviewer's delight. Details


Jos, Plateau and a catch 22 situation

In Jos, Plateau state, it has gone all so sour, we all talk about peace, without realizing the amount of hate in the open market all free for grasp. Everybody has his/her version based on religion, ethnic cleavages, and economic leverage. In Jos, Plateau today, no one has opened up to say how we got to this point...Where children and women are butchered with savagery irrespective of faith and creed, where family breadwinners and bakeries are hacked down in their prime. Details


Nigeria, and Jos faith-based ethno-jingoistic killings

We hate ourselves; rather than respect each other in a negative stance we tolerate each other like the proverbial soldier ant on the scrotum. Mutual suspicion reigns supreme, are we really a nation or a collection of people. What has the North in real terms benefited from Nigeria, what has Lagos, Umuahia or Warri benefitted? When the thieves that rule us steal our money there is no religion or ethnicity. Details


That Nigerian youth in the angwa

Have you lived in the Northern part of Nigeria, if yes, and you understand Hausa you would be familiar with the word "angwa or anguwa".  Angwa is not an ordinary word that translates to neighbourhood but literally means ‘slum’, a word with so many negative connotations. The mood in many slums is desolate, criminal gangs and religious organisations providing them with fragile social glue. Details




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