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PeeCeeJay By Jideofor Adibe


2019: On your marks...


It is unheard of for African leaders to turn down the chance of a second term. In fact the common trend these days is that ‘constitutional coup making’ (where elected leaders change the constitutions of their countries in order to ‘elongate’ their tenures beyond the constitutionally allowed term limits) has replaced military coup making. To the best of my knowledge, no African leader has ever turned down the opportunity of exercising his/her right to a second term tenure – even if such a leader is gravely ill. Therefore if Buhari turns down his right to seek for a second term, he will be making an African history. But will he? Details


PeeCeeJay By Jideofor Adibe Separatist agitations in Nigeria: Causes and trajectories

Agitations around Biafra have drowned out other separatist agitations, giving the wrong impression that Biafra is the only separatist threat in the country. The truth is that there is separatist agitation in virtually every area in the country—underlying the fact that the foundation for Nigeria’s nationhood remains on shaky ground. Among  the Yoruba, for instance, echoes of separatism come in different forms—from a direct call for Oduduwa Republic to those championing a Sovereign National Conference to decide if the federating units of the country still want to continue to live together, and, if so, under what arrangements. Details


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PeeCeeJay By Jideofor Adibe Impeachment Axe against Osinbajo: Has Senate Lost It?

The background to this is that in April 2017 Professor Osinbajo reportedly faulted the insistence of the Senate that Ibrahim Magu should cease from parading himself as Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). After the Senate rejected Magu’s candidacy for the second time, Osinjabo was quoted as saying: “I’m fully in support of Magu as the EFCC chairman, just as the president is. It is up to the Senate to make their judgement.Details

A Day In Life Of A Child Beggar. By Najib Kazaure

Often denigrated and referred to as "Ticking Timebombs" , "Society's Blight" , or  " The Problem of the North" , a child beggar "Almajiri" as they are often called in Northern Nigeria, is society's most neglected pariah. At the lowest level of the social hierarchy, the Almajiri begs for food and works menial tasks to make ends meet. Bowl in hand and hunger in their eyes, door to door they go, singing their tune until they get lucky for some crumbs or leftovers. Details


African Oil Producers Cannot Think Beyond Crude Oil. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Why do Africans wait until it is too late for our rescue? Right now most African oil producing countries are still fighting about which regions produce more oil. Areas that are not producing oil are exploring other regions for oil. Many of us lost our thinking faculties in hedonism, greed and are spread all over the world beyond value to Africa. So, Not Thinking Beyond Crude Oil. Details


On the Kannywood/Nollywood Dichotomy and Related Issues. By Muhsin Ibrahim

In a nutshell, my lecture on this dichotomy exposed to me the fact that Nollywood is amazingly popular in Africa and beyond, while Kannywood still, shockingly, however, lingers in obscurity. I am aware that some select films have been shown in the US and Europe, but the glory of Nollywood is matchless to Kannywood’s. A number of factors are responsible for this, but the chief ones include language (English vs. Hausa); the northerners standoffish, closed attitude towards Kannywood films, and lack of collaboration between our academes and the filmmakers. As I write this, only a single university in the whole Northern Nigeria offers Film Studies as a course. Academics that show interest to study film or a related discipline are still discouraged or denied any chance to do so. Details


Osinbajo Is Wrong; Private Sector Cannot Develop The Nigerian Economy. By Chinedu Bosah

The only thing the power companies are legendary for is issuance of outrageous bills despite supplying darkness. Worrisome is the fact that the Distribution Electricity Companies have become notorious for rejecting part of the electricity generated in order to make huge profit, an act that has further thrown the communities into more darkness. Details


Nigeria Needs A New Constitution. By Ibrahim M. Attahir

It is, therefore, misleading and mischievous to state that the 1999 Constitution was made by the military. In fact, the making of 1979 Constitution is far more democratic than the GEJ National Conference of 2014 which was wholly constituted by the government with no single elected member. When the 1979 Constitution was made, the country was under a military government. Details


Federal Character Suffocated Infrastructure. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigeria is about the size of California. While the whole of United States has 100 senators Nigeria has 109. The reason is to make sure every area has a voice in the senate even if we have to pay more senators than United States. Nigeria has a population of about 180 million compare to U.S 300 million. There is no need to compare incomes with the richest country, the United States; but the emoluments of our politicians in Nigeria surpass that of any country in the world. Details


Neither Restructuring nor Unity… but Good Governance can save Nigeria. By Okachikwu Dibia

The Nigerian commoners who argue for restructuring cite examples of some factors which have caused imbalances and tensions in the polity by querying some critical issues about the country. They ask the following questions which bear their source of rage against the so-called united Nigeria. Why should the South-East geo-political zone (out of the six zones) have five states while the rest zones have six states each? Why is it that the former Northern region would always have more population census figures than the Western, Eastern and Mid-Western regions combined? Details


Inclusivity In Policy Formulation And Budgeting. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

Meanwhile, the richest Nigerian man will take 42 years to spend all his wealth at one million per day (page 4). The report notes that the amount of money that the richest Nigerian man can earn annually from his wealth is sufficient to lift 2 million people out of poverty for one year. Similarly, Nigerian lawmakers are one of the best paid in the world: the average annual salary is $118,000 equivalent to 63 times the country’s per capita (in 2013)(page 5).  So, we have “the world’s highest paid lawmakers preside over some of its poorest people.” (page 9). Details


Rail Lines to Daura and Jibia: Why I am Confused. By Prof. Abdussamad Umar Jibia

Buhari is incorruptible and he did as much as he could as a military leader to force all Nigerians to be like him through his WAI programme, his many decrees and imprisonment of corrupt politicians. But that is where he got it wrong, I have always told them.  It is impossible for all Nigerians, nay majority of Nigerians to become Buharis. Details


Got The Country You Wanted In Pieces. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigeria must separate one way or the other before we realize that the evil that plague us is more within and less from outside. When those that champion our hatred for one another are the same people that benefit from it, we have to separate and get a breathing space to realize reality. It has got to that stage where Nigeria can no longer hold, anyone in the way of a moving train would be consumed. The fury and speed of a moving train can’t be controlled or stopped. Details


FGN-ASUU Face-off: Matters Arising. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba and Etumudon Ndidi Asien

It is a well-known fact that the Federal and State governments in Nigeria have been having running battles with Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).  The running battles have led to incessant strikes and closure of public universities in Nigeria.  It is also well-known that the problem has almost defied logic and reason, remaining intractable even as there are always “pending agreements” between ASUU and the Federal Government, which ASUU claims are broken by the latter. Details


The Nigeria’s Diaspora Bond And Community in a Complex Economic Environment. By Jones O. Edobor, Ph.D

This paper shall not discuss the technicalities or the procedures of the development of a bond; such as documentation, roles of rating agencies, registration and application with relevant Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and choosing agents, marketers and brokers, as well as wealth managers, etc.,  who may be considered best suited to reach targeted objectives and investors/lenders. Details


Amendment Of The 1999 Nigerian Constitution And The Concerns Of Civil Society. By Dr. Otive Igbuzor

The political elite has opted for a piecemeal approach to amending the constitution. Recently, the Senate and House of Representatives started a process to amend 33 areas in the 1999 constitution. Some of the proposed amendments such as institution of local government autonomy is commendable and civil society organisations are committed to continuing advocacy to ensure that the Houses of Assembly endorse those sections. Details


Exploiting Mass Action During A Democratic Anti-Corruption Campaign. By Abel B.S. Gaiya

In summary, we are faced with a dual problem. The first is that the president is unable to incite mass action to propel him through the political obstacles currently faced. The second is that the key anti-corruption agencies meant to spearhead enforcement also do not have satisfactory public credibility and public support to also overcome these same political obstacles. Details


Observations On Biafra And Predictions For The Near Future. By Abel B.S. Gaiya

If, on the other hand, an Igbo presidency is not secured in 2019, this reinforces the pro-Biafran narrative of Igbo marginalization and gives impetus for greater Igbo subscription to Biafranism. Therefore, no matter the outcome, I predict that the pro-Biafran agitation would likely accelerate dramatically after the 2019 presidential elections. Details


IPOB Arewa & Odua Must Trade In World’s Largest Mumu Market. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Arewa, IPOB and Odua are used to distract us from wrestling market from foreigners! Years ago one would think that Nigeria would be unknown in St. Louis Missouri as world’s biggest market until one guy found out this African. Surprised that some indigenes would leave that market: he saw Nigeria as a great place to make money as long as you could hold your nose. The corruption stunk to high heavens but too good to quit while making stupendous profit: except as Nigerian. Details


In  Defence  Of  The  Rule  Of  Law. By Bashir Abba Sharif

However, due to weakling institutions, impunity, by and among the political elite, dominates, in large proportion, the conduct of public officers in our governments. Rule of law, for instance, that other countries take seriously, is daily abused to the detriment of development without appropriate or at best selective sanction. Consequently, endemic corruption and nepotism find the opportunity to gradually erode whatever consensus the nation was built on. Details


Marginalization: Who Is Actually Marginalized? By Musa Ghude

The cry of marginalization is all over the place and the propensity is on the high rise with no consideration to the other side of the fact. To my understanding, the real concept of clamoring for marginalization is location specific. While in some quarters, the cry of marginalization is skewed towards religious differences, some is narrowed in aligned to tribal base and others are regional divide. Details


My Thoughts on Restructuring. By Bashir Abba Sharif

Captioned as above, the advertorial, laced with unpardonable distortions, contradictions and fallacies, that appeared in the Daily Trust issue of 6th July, 2017 and posted on the social media by Attahiru Baffarawa was, for many reasons, a sad reading to the extent that one would not have bothered to pen this piece but for the necessity to forestall any tendency to derail our democracy by systematically corrupting and subverting the faith and aspirations of the vulnerable in particular, who admire, trust and wholeheartedly support President Muhammadu Buhari proudly. Details


Polygamy and High Divorce Rates in Northern Nigeria. By Dr. Bala Mohammed Liman

The current situation in Nigeria is that many Muslim marriages are not registered and there are no marriage contracts. Also, the man does not have to get his wife’s permission nor have to inform the authorities of his desire to take a second wife, which differs in many other Muslim majority countries where there are certain requirements before a man can get married or take another wife. Details


Port Harcourt: From Cultism to Flood. By Okachikwu Dibia

Just yesterday six of my close friends living in PH, the capital city of Rivers State, called me and told me that our dear and only PH has been submerged in flood and that they are busy pumping water out of their houses. I was sober. How can development take place in an environment sacked by cultism and now flooded and washed away by the rains? Details



The Crash of NAF 911 on September 26, 1992


By Dr. Nowa Omoigu



As it took off, problems immediately became apparent. According to a witness - a former Nigerian Airways engineer who may have overheard radio transmissions - one engine failed, prompting the pilot to turn around heading back to the airport. Conceivably, he would have had to attempt to trim the plane for a three engine lift while ascending, and feather the non-functioning engine. Then a second engine failed. With insufficient power and lift to negotiate a safe return to the airport, a decision was made to land the plane in the Ejigbo canal. The pilot reportedly tried to align the plane to the canal, and even deployed water landing gear. At that point the third engine failed. Suddenly and without warning, its nose dipped and it went down, nose first, into the swamp, the fuselage buried in the mud, with the right wing and tail broken up. The time was just after 1735 hrs. Details


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Buhari’s Troubled Presidency
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El-Rufai: Kaduna Will Support Buhari in 2019
For the 6th Time, Nigeria Qualify for World Cup
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Osinbajo Off to London, Delivers 2017 Africa Summit Lecture
Former ICPC Board Nominee, Maimuna Aliyu, Fingered in EFCC Corruption Case Anayo Okolie
Patience Jonathan was arrogant as first lady –Ex-US ambassador
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Niger Delta: Army deploys troops for operation crocodile smile
Tanker explodes at Tafa
FCT authorities demolish Guzape Village
Monkey Pox Epidemic Cases Rise to 13 as Bayelsa Govt. Battles Scourge
Sultan of Sokoto: Anybody Who Kills for Religion Will Go to Hell


NNPC’s $25 Billion Contract Scam Upscales Corruption In Leadership – Stakeholders

Nigeria 3rd on Global Child Malnutrition


Revealed: Why Buhari May Not Change His Cabinet Till 2019
Thieves have hijacked politics —Balarabe Musa
PDP and 2019
Is President Buhari’s integrity overrated?


Nigeria’s Railway Merry-Go -Round
Mr. President, where is Kano-Kaduna rail?
Post-Independence Nigeria – A Panoramic View (1)
The Forgotten Conversations
RIGHT OF REPLY: Atiku Abubakar and the Death of Identity Politics


Super Eagles get N50m gift from mogul, Adebutu

Your victory very sweet, anniversary gift, Buhari tells Super Eagles

Nigeria, First African Team To Qualify For W’Cup

BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. There are still good Nigerians

Like the drama in NNPC, and the disappearing Paris Funds, nothing was missing either in the car or our personal effects. The Musketeers played guard and friend. Till our common humanity as Nigerians, as a people, as our brothers’ keepers return…we will continue to be driven by greedy leaders and politicians, selfish citizens and followers, but if only we can choose to just be a good Nigerian, just one good Nigerian, the tide may yet change, till then—Only time would tell. Details




Nigeria’s Tales By Moonlight Independence


Here in Nigeria, while I refrain from making comparisons, let me dwell on our peculiarities. We do not have a nation, we do not have a government, what we have are group of resilient people living together and band of rascals and gangsters imposing themselves on us. We climb the tree like the bushman and watch and hope they go away, because they have used poverty to rob us off our pride, our strength and our ability to express ourselves, we are an annex of the republic. Details


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BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. While We are Still Praying for Nigeria

While we are praying civil servants are committing all sorts of crimes. Students will not read, they are told to pray for retentive memory and bind the demon of failure and the rest is simplista! Our football teams and sports representatives do not make preparations for tournaments, they just lazy up, about and around and ask Nigerians to pray for them. Details



BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Naija-Area: Simplifying complexity or complexifying simplicity

Nigeria's enemy is not necessarily the ones currently shitting on our head. Our friends, however, are not necessarily the ones trying to pull us out of the shit. And besides, there is so much twitter with our heads buried in shit; we risk blowing it up, and why are we blowing up what ordinarily is a great dream, don’t we believe there is need to rethink critically this current nightmare, should we simply keep simplifying our complexity or complexifying simplicity, for how long—Only time will tell. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Our Isi Ewu Education and ‘zations

We are a nation of largely intelligent illiterates so we do not bother about statistics, we have scholars who have built reputation for 'xeroxing' texts of others word for word as handout on a ‘buy and pass basis’, that is when the teacher is not a Mr. Lecturer insisting that Bimbo must go the whole length of her skirt to pass. We smile at the number of school dropouts; we feign ignorance at the number of school age children that are not in school. We are ignorant of the rate at which some of our institutions produce pirated literate, unproductive literate and in many cases full illiterates. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Nigeria; our ancestors are responsible

After several decades and billions, we are still looking for road maps, where there are no geographical maps, setting agendas with no intent, transforming things that have not been formed, and changing things while they remain the same. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Emeka, Landlord say make we pack

The summary of this admonition is both a warning and a challenge on the basis of what I have outlined; it is only fair and fitting to direct our critical analysis of the Nigerian political climate in the form of serious warning that all is not well. We cannot abdicate our responsibility to do and say what is right and chose which battles to fight on the premise of parochial locus standi. Eviction is WRONG in the current context! Whoever started it first, and whoever is retaliating. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. If only it was about Buhari's health

We have saddled upon ourselves a history tainted in intra elitist cleavages and ethnic parapoism, with each power bloc cementing its own cleavages. The possibility of genuine democratization is not only lost because we lack the will to radicalize the material foundations of our society but because we live a life of fallacy. One of such is thinking that Buhari's health has anything to do with it. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Buhari's Return; I love Nigeria I no go lie

Like I said recently I wish that Mr. Buhari was our problem, and that his return would translate to a better Nigeria, that his new coming would translate to ethical revolution that his integrity stands for. No....because surgeries started with electricity still end with candle light and no one is held responsible or accountable. Categorically while I state I love Nigeria, and that’s no lie, but will the love translate to change or continued opium of hope—Only time will tell. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Nigeria rats; E dey worry you...Kill am

The truth is that as much as some form of true federalism or on the extreme confederacy, resource control and largely self determination is desirable, however the complexity of ethnicity in Nigeria can only be properly understood in the context of power struggle among various factions of the ruling class, especially within the context of the lower class’ ignorance through manipulation. The empirical fact being that ethnicity cannot be deconstructed because we have a faulty form of state and a morally bankrupt class in power. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. On ASUU, students and our educational quagmire

Do we have an education in which a possessor wants to elevate the less privilege that surge him round, the answer is no. Today what is the value of the education given to a young man who lives or is doing his mandatory service year in a guinea worm infested area and yet is incapable of causing a revolution in the lives of the villagers by transforming their drinking water into healthy supply? Today every graduate desires Shell, Chevron, MTN, GTBank etc. Details



Today that Nigerian child can barely speak his local dialect, unless he lives in the suburb where English is restricted to pidgin, that Nigerian child is divided by those that never will get the Montessori education because they have to make do with the now non-existent local government education authority education where Maths is taught in Yoruba for better understanding. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. While We are Still Praying for NigeriaPythons, Crocodiles and the Nigerian zoo

The truth is that as much as some form of true federalism or on the extreme confederacy, resource control and largely self determination is desirable, however the complexity of ethnicity in Nigeria can only be properly understood in the context of power struggle among various factions of the ruling class, especially within the context of the lower class’ ignorance through manipulation. The empirical fact being that ethnicity cannot be deconstructed because we have a faulty form of state and a morally bankrupt class in power. Details


BURNING POT BY PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON, PH.D. Nigeria’s Islamic and Christian Agendas

Everything in Nigeria is messy and it was probably made that way on purpose; that we forget that no one law, no one man or one government can decide the fate of everything and everyone. In very simple terms we got a heck of a lot of different people with a heck of a lot of different agendas, but I believe that a lot of people, most people are basically at their core good people, so if at first we do not understand their agenda, we have to try at our best to understand who they are, and what they need, we have to let go of judgment. Details


PeeCeeJay By Jideofor Adibe


End of right-wing populism?[



But separatist agitations in Nigeria are likely to continue - at least for a while- because they are being propelled by different dynamics. One of these is that in democratizing societies, the free speech guarantees of liberal democracies will in the short to medium term continue to aggravate the structures of conflict. And given the multi-ethnic character of the society, it is expected that separatist agitations will be one of such. Details



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