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Tinubu: Lest we forget because of just one slip. By Uche Ugboajah

The strongman and leader of South-West politics, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been at the receiving end of all manner of attacks in the past few days, including from members of his own political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). The attacks are coming not only from those who hate him, those who secretly admire his guts, those who fear him, but also from those who have been eating from him for a long time. But what exactly did Tinubu do to warrant the kind of bile that has been lately unleashed on him? Details


A Choice Between Danjuma and Danjummai. By Abdullahi Usman

A situation in which we continue to sit back and watch our practicing politicians entrust the onerous responsibility of selecting who gets to contest for important elective positions in the state as candidates to a set of people that regard party primaries as nothing more than a quadrennial harvest time, which they eagerly look forward to solely on account of the quantum of resources they expect to get from those aspiring for elective positions, only for us to come back and agonize whenever things go wrong after the elections, as they most often do, is no longer tenable, and we need to rethink this ridiculous approach to the issues, going forward. Details


2023 Elections and the Road Less Travelled. By Chido Onumah

Simply put, we must renegotiate Nigeria—through a new constitution—that will recreate the country in the image of Nigerians of the 21st century. That process is not a silver bullet. In fact, it could lead to the dismantling of Nigeria as we currently know it. But, importantly, that unravelling will not come at the cost of the blood of millions of citizens. Details


Looking forward to post-Buhari era. By Uche Ugboajah

Although the presidency pretended not to be rattled by Kukah’s assertions about our country, the Bishop himself admits that he is not saying anything new. “One would be tempted to ask, what is there to say about our tragic situation today that has not been said? Who is there to speak that has not spoken? Details


Revisiting Nigeria’s political trajectory. By Abiodun Komolafe

Though debatable, Nigeria’s problems as a nation-state have not been unconnected with how to move the country forward. They were not very many; but, while some Nigerians already had advanced knowledge of how the country should run and develop, others were held back by the primitive ideas of their forebears.  Details


Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2021 and the Way Forward. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

There has been a lot of challenges with the conduct of elections in Nigeria from 1923 to date. The challenges include among other things irregularities which put the entire electoral process in doubt; problems with the legislative framework which puts constraints on the electoral process; the inability of various stakeholders to play their roles; lack of room by the electoral system for inclusiveness; lack of independence of electoral commissions; long process of election dispute resolution; irresponsible behaviour by politicians; thuggery and violence; and monetization of politics. One of the ways that has been used to address these challenges is through the electoral Act.  Details


Nigeria, Hard Times and Cacophonous Tunes. By Abiodun Komolafe Sad that our democracy has been so reshaped that votes no longer count. Instead, guns and allied violence do the counting; even the collation of results. Announcing the winners is a different ballgame entirely. Interestingly, the configuration of the Nigerian society, as of today, is different from those ones they lied to, decades ago Details


IGR and VAT Controversy; A Bright Future for the North. By  Muhammad Sagir, Bauchi

If one analyze that IGR statistical report and the five years VAT table, he’ll weep for the sorry state of the Northern states! And the implications of possible ruling in favor of those two states (Ekiti and Lagos) by the Appellate Court against the federal tier, then not only the Northern states, but the remaining 34 states would find themselves in deep economic crises. Details


Nigeria At  61: The Challenges of Nationhood. By Garba A. Isa

Political power rotation may not be in the National Constitution but is a good tool for measuring  political maturity or otherwise among the political actors. An enduring feature of Nigeria as stated by the late Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, is that “it is big enough to accommodate our differences” Finally, leaders and other political actors  may come and go, but the common denominator is our only God-given country; Nigeria. Details


The Nigerian Media As Agents Provocateurs. By Babayola M. Toungo The social media street has been taken over by merchants of hate and those weaned on a diet of hatred masquerading as champions of democracy.  The mainstream media, on the other hand, is always eager to provide platforms for ethnic and religious bigots to pour profanities on Nigerians who disagree with their views (no matter how warped).  Ironically, those who always assert their right to say their minds are always not averse to the abridgement of the right of others who see the world from another perspective. Details


Northern Nigeria and VAT: The Imperative of Industrialization. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

Northern Nigeria has lately been dominating national news headlines following a Federal High Court judgement that shifted Value-Added Tax(VAT) collecting authority to Rivers State as opposed to the prevailing status quo that has the Federal Government as the sole VAT collecting authority through the Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS).  Details


A Word for Nigerian Academic and Clergy Communities - PART ONE. By Emakoji Ayikoye There is a noticeably strange and negative competitive culture amongst us, Nigerians, on social media, which, if a person doesn't pay careful attention, it tends to subtly creep into one’s life. This culture is especially more pronounced amongst the literate (academics) and the religious (clergies) communities; and I may be guilty here too. The widespread behavior on social media is increasingly making me uncomfortable. Details


The Economic Cost of Dishonesty. By Adamu Tilde, PhD From my experience and experiences of older mentors, business associates and bosses, there is neither shortage of capital nor shortage of good people willing to support and invest in viable businesses. What is in short supply is honest and dedicated men, men who are patient and willing to toil and build long-lasting businesses. Details


Kannywood; consumer or producer's market? By MA Iliasu If certainly Kannywood produce only the films that'll appeal to it's watchers for the fear of losing revenue, then It's vivid that the industry perceive film market as consumer's market rather than producer's market. Which is definitely why they produce movies that watchers' want rather than the ones the watchers' think they want. Details


The Stagnation of Political Consciousness in Nigeria. By Umar Bello, PhD. The quest for better leadership through genuine and focused criticism is diverted and the ship of awareness remains motionless and rooted in one place. Both the supporters and opponents of leaderships on the basis of primordial sentiments have missed and continued to miss the larger picture. Details


Soludo stands out. By Tochukwu Ezukanma For his many achievements, he is the recipient of scores of awards and recognitions, including the Global and African Central Bank Governor of the Year awards in 2005, 2006, and 2007 by different international media institutions, including The Banker Magazine. Details


MS-II Colloquium: Inspiration, Influence and Impacts. By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

MS-II’s personality is indeed superlative, his life achievements stand to be phenomenal by every standard and his values and ideals(some) as formed and propagated are indeed worthy of being espoused. He is hence worthy of being celebrated. However, all he is being celebrated for some people say, are absolutely personal. Details



PeeCeeJay By Jideofor Adibe




Africa After the Ukraine War

Six, a question many analysts have shied away from asking is, whether Africa is sufficiently positioned to absorb refugees from the West in the event of the Ukrainian war escalating into a World War 3? Though this possibility seems remote and undesirable, it will not be out of place for Africa to engage in scenario mappings that will include this option. Details






Nigeria’s Unitary Federalists versus Restructuralists

There is, however, a growing sense that Nigeria’s voice has become muted and her influence on the wane. Since our 10 July, 2019 Op-Ed titled, “Is Nigeria Still a Regional Hegemon?” wherein we pondered the incipient decline in Nigeria’s regional and global role; the country’s national context has further deteriorated. We introduce the concept of deficit of moral purpose to explain that decline. Details


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Reducing the Cost of Governance in Nigeria Revisited

There is no universally agreed optimal size of government. Still, when any tier of government fails persistently to meet its recurrent expenditure from its revenue, that is a warning signal to adopt fiscal prudence. Nigeria must rescue itself from the fiscal cliff that it hangs. This will require thoughtful reflection and much needed action on the nature, scope and sequencing of CoPA reforms. Details


Can Zoning Arrangement Produce An Effective Leader

This also elicits a heady question: Can zoning arrangement produce an effective leader? Three core issues need to be considered. First, there is no geopolitical zone that cannot boast of prima facie qualified and competent presidential candidates. Second, effective leadership is a function of skills, knowledge and experience. By failing to rotate political power, the country deprives itself of the experience and expertise of such persons. Third, Nigerian leaders and citizens evince much pride when their compatriots make progress in the political and other spheres in foreign countries. Details






Nigeria 2023: The tunnel of reality

2023 again exposes us to one thing and it is the national question. What is a nation? We can not fully understand the implication of the drama of the delegates primary, the consensus drama, without answering the national question scientifically in relating this phenomenon to our socio-political economical development, it is important to look at the historical development of our national question. Details


Nigeria's Ali Baba, Baba Sala, and the forty liars

The Nigerian nation is at her lowest ebb, yet there is hope, and indeed despite all the sad news, the bad occurrences, the level of insecurity, and economic hullabaloo. We do not need fine speeches, we are not in need of rhetoric, the nation is one of an enduring people that are saying, give us electricity, quality education, vastly improved health system, class transport systems, A people that is guided by the ethos of equity, fairness, rule of law and more. Details


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Just Ordinary 80 Billion Naira

And in Fela's words, "I wonder how this country come take get big head". My calculator could not continue, I just stared in trance, at how Nigerians were undoing Nigeria, I had barely touched the surface of monumental government stealing, and we are arguing, who stole less, or more or justifying that everyone steals. I end this admonishment asking, oh ye foolish Nigerians, for how much longer—Only time would tell. Details


Sokoto Killing of Deborah ad continuum

Each time we blame touts, jobless young men for these wanton destructions, but what has this society done in encrypting the virtues of the practice of religion into them, be it Christian virtues, Islamic beliefs or traditional and moral teachings…Rather because they are willing tools in the hands of political manipulators, they leave them impoverished, uneducated and diseased in mind, spirit, soul and body.Details


Long Live Nigeria—But!

I am not writing about prostitution, I am writing about Nigeria, I am writing about a nation that may not live long if we don’t find heroes soon, we speak of her heroes past. I am speaking to a nation of black roses. A nation that is everyday falling apart and retrogressing more than it is progressing. I am talking about our youths, the black roses of Africa’s largest black population, I am talking about how they move without direction, I am talking about the stifling cages that they are kept in. Details


Nigeria 2023; Living on tomorrow’s bread

My verdict is simple. Nigerians are happy, we are still high up there in the index of happy people, very and I add very happy people. Comedians still have audiences fill up their shows. Our politicians provide us with sobering laughable moments weekly; people kidnapped, robbed, killed, week in, week out. And yet thanksgiving services with dances of all types and executions follow suit.  We are happy jare Details


A nation without boundaries, and sad outcomes

What do we stand for, who are we, what really is working in Nigeria, we are tortured with banditry, terror, and abductions, killings by unknown gunmen, every section of the country is terrified, and our economy is on a nosedive, but no one is bold enough to say that a nation that should ordinarily be creating epic outcomes across the globe is a minnow, beset in all corners? Details


#ChibokGirls—Long Forgotten?

Eight years we have lost men and officers, more villagers and villages have been killed and taken, loads of propaganda, half-truths, misinformation and sheer falsehoods, fight between now opposition PDP, and governing APC, even the Airforce has accused the Army of taking their shine. The army has had a mutinous situation, local media vs. foreign media, and Christians/Muslims. But the fact is that we do not have the Chibok girls. Details


Nigeria 2023; top to bottom—bottom to top

Nigeria, be it himself, herself or itself, is a nation that thrives on breaking the rules, one of the major reasons for why we are at this point. We refuse to follow the set rules, we kill what seemed ordinarily our once moderately easy to follow rules, ethos and norms. With each new administration, the signs were there but we refused to see them. Again, the signs are there, that the world may not remain the same…but our would-be leaders come 2023 don’t seem to understand the dynamics I outlined above beyond buying nomination forms. Details


An Ode to Kaduna Train Number X

Hours after train number x attack, station x was attacked, airport x had been attacked, and the Zuma x barracks lost several soldiers while in faraway Kebbi policemen guiding a factory were killed. In our ode to death, we whine, blame, curse and hate, while truth is we cannot get by the train when leadership is seemingly rudderless, when non-state actors’ inch by inch have taken up spaces from the government. Details


The cockroaches in Nigeria

Have we been observant of the behaviour of our political class in the run up to the General Elections, not that much governance has taken place but that governance has ceased? Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of, just and right to save a situation. Do Nigerians from the show of shame see that these are cockroaches, with a short life span, but cumulatively they are ruining this space called Nigeria. Details


Nigerian and those slaps of suffering

In Nigeria today we are given all kinds of slaps, the RHETORICAL SLAP, the one they slap us, and we ask, who slapped us, some slaps are SWEET SLAPS, here they are about to slap us, and they are testing us, asking whether it's painful or not, and we start blushing because the slap was administered by our kinsmen or adherents of our faith. Details


An orphan called Nigeria

The child Nigeria is an orphan today, no one cares how we queue on the long line for a product that God has given us in abundance. We don’t have a ‘single’ working refinery and yet local refining in countless nooks and crannies in the Niger Delta region. We import everything that we have capacity to produce locally, and tell me we are struggling to produce pencils, we are finding it a load to float an airline and some minister dude (one of our fathers) is talking about producing an airplane. We cannot even get enough diesel in a train and local flights are cancelled and yet our fathers look on. Details


Nigeria 2023: A leader and a gallon of fuel

You see the Nigerian looks upon Nigeria as a theatre and the entire population representing and manifesting the full spectrum of acts and actors. In this revelry, life is the theatre; the nation is the stage upon which we perform.  The politicians and a few of us are the actors, very often mediocre. When stars appear, it is more often because a play must have a star rather than because the player is possessed of some dramatic genius. We falter and we muff our lines; sometimes our performance takes on an aspect of the grotesque-nobody takes this seriously because it is perceived as being the nature of the play. Our people become the audience. Details


Born in a Nigeria of Chaos

The birth of today’s Nigerian youth, is one that is full of chaos, they are victims of power, property, prestige, popularity and pomposity…it is these ‘p’ factors that make it impossible for the Nigerian youth to do that which should be done, it is the illogical, the wrong that becomes ethical. Details


Abba Kyari was created by us…

Between 1999 and today the police strength has grown from 112,000 to somewhere around 371,800 officers, a very poor figure, compared to our population, even if you recruit 10 million men into the police and with almost 100 million Nigerians hungry, unemployed, frustrated, crime would still be high, and if you add to the fact that many of the Policemen and few women out there are examples of everything bad and ugly about Nigeria need I rest my case, because in a system where a Police Recruit would earn barely N9,019.42 and N302,970.47 for a full  Commissioner, there would be different versions of Abba Kyari. Details





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